Solari and Baños, firm in the club despite failure in the season

He had called in the Nest. The directive of the Eagles he sent for the players of all his categories to take stock of what was done in the semester. Some modifications are coming, but it will not be in directive and Technical Corps, Santiago Banos and Santiago Solari until today they remain firm in the institution.

From very early the footballers began to arrive at the facilities of Coapa where they were notified that for the cleaning of players that is under analysis, no one has their place secured, regardless of hierarchy or names, all will be valued and measured in the same way.

RECORD was able to know that inside the club there is an atmosphere of disappointment taking into account that none of the categories (male) managed to overcome the quarterfinal round, and although it was something that was already known, everyone was made aware that ” those results were unacceptable “in El Nido.

Henry Martín in defeat vs Pumas

Another point to evaluate is the issue of players who are frequently injured or spend more time in rehabilitation than available to help the team, throughout this semester there were several elements that were among cottons such as Nicolás Benedetti, Bruno Valdez, Renato Ibarra or own Pedro Aquino that in one year as an Americanist, he already registers at least 3 different injuries in his file.

The team was informed that all categories, of course, including the First Team will continue to attend training sessions until Friday, December 10, when the championship ends as planned.



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