One year after the clash of heads, what happened to Raúl Jiménez and David Luiz?

This Monday marks one year of the terrible impact suffered by the Mexican striker against the Brazilian defender

This Monday marks a year since the skull injury he suffered Raúl Jiménez. On November 29, 2020, the life of the forward of the Wolverhampton He made a 180-degree turn and his continuity in football was in doubt, in addition that complications from resuming his life in a normal way were a latent possibility.

A year after the clash of heads between David Luiz and Jimenez Many situations have changed, not only in medical protocols in world leagues, but also in the careers of the two involved.

That London night the Wolves they visited the Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. In a corner kick Jimenez tried to shoot at the first post, but David Luiz he ran him over and left him lying on the grass for several minutes. Immediately, the Mexican was transferred to a hospital and underwent cranial surgery.

Jimenez began its recovery in January. The Mexican began to do work in the gym and each time the difficulty increased until he returned to work with the ball and then joined his teammates, which he achieved in May of this year.

It took almost eight months for him to play a game, which was a preseason friendly against Crewe Alexandra.

Weeks later, he had his first official game when he played matchday 1 of the Premier League August 14. In said duel, Jimenez He had an outstanding performance, but his team was defeated 1-0 by Leicester City.

Jimenez, after the injury, has 13 games of Premier League with three goals and five games with the Mexican team, in which he contributed an annotation. All the duels with the Tricolor were World Cup qualifying.

While, David Luiz barely suffered a cut after the crash and continued his activity with the Arsenal in the remainder of the 2020-21 season. The Brazilian defender played 14 more Premier League games that season and was later cut by the team at the end of his contract.

David Luiz had to wait until September of this year to arrive, as a free agent, at the Flamengo from Brazil where he has played five league games and three in the Copa Libertadores, including the final this Saturday, which they lost to Palmeiras in overtime.

In this way, after a year of the chilling accident, Jiménez is still in the Premier League with head protection. The ‘Lobo de Tepeji’ continues to be the star of the team and the favorite man of the fans, while David Luiz returned to his country after not finding accommodation in Europe.


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