NBA. Charles Barkley does not want his children to inherit his entire fortune

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If a few weeks ago Shaquille O’Neal surprised the world by stating that he will not share his immense fortune with his children, now another NBA legend He assured that he does not want his descendants and family to inherit his fortune.

During a dialogue with golfer Phil Mickelson, Charles Barkley, 1993 league MVP, acknowledged his taste for gambling, but also assured that wishes to die in ruin and thus not leaving to his relatives any of the income he has achieved since he began to shine on the court.

“Look, everyone knows that I like to bet on everything. I want to be broke when I die Phil. I don’t want to leave all my money and my family unburdened. I’ve been taking care of them my whole life. I want to be broke with my last breath“commented one of the best players in the NBA in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

According to various media, it is estimated that the former player’s assets of the NBA exceeds $ 50 million, this after having won around $ 43 million during their passage through the teams Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rocket.

The Shaquille O’Neal Case

A few weeks ago, Shaquille O’NeaHe, one of the richest former NBA players in the world with a fortune of 400 million dollars, caused controversy by stating that will not share your money with her six children: Shareef, Shaquirl, Me’arah, Myles, Taahirah, and Amira O’Neal.

“My kids are older now. They got mad at me; I’m not really mad at them, but do not understand. I tell them all the time that we are not rich, I am rich“said the former basketball player on the podcast Earn Your Leisur.


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