Card held at ATM? This you must do

Inside of malls, convenience stores and supermarkets among other locations it is the most common to find you a ATM (ATM) to facilitate customer access to the withdrawal of money on cash when they need to do a payment in which the Bank cards are not accepted. Although it is not frequent, you are not exempt from the fact that one day the device retains your card.

There are several reasons why this can occur, where the most common is that one of the following situations is treated for the ATM to swallow your bank plastic:

Technical problem or power outages. Most of these incidents are due to a failure in the power supply while you are performing some card operation, so when the machine is turned off your plastic is retained.

Forgotten card. When the system recognizes the user’s inactivity for 40 seconds due to leaving, it has the power to retain the card. If you tried to withdraw cash and you were absent in the middle of the operation, neither the money nor the card will be delivered as a security measure, because it has the requirement to deliver the plastic before the bills.

Card it does not validate. There can also be an error when you present a card with a blocked or expiration date to the cashier.

What should I do to get my bank card back

Now that you know why an ATM swallows a debit card, we can move on to what follows and take steps to get out of trouble. Before trying anything else, you should stay there until you are sure that the card has been immobilized and call the bank to explain the situation and take charge of solving it.

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Sometimes you can react instantly and solve it without having to block your card, but on other occasions you must request a new card from the banking institution.

When the problem does not occur in office hours you can contact customer service whose contact number can be found at the same ATM.

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In that situation you should proceed the same, call and explain what happened and request that the card be replaced. When the problem originated in the same device, the replacement will be free, but in other circumstances you will be charged a charge of plastic replacement, with different costs between banking institutions.

A final recommendation is that you do not accept help from strangers, because in cases of vulnerability, people with the intention of taking advantage will seek to approach and take advantage of those who are in distress.

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