‘America shit before Pumas’; Zamogilny strongly criticizes Solari

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“It shit”. With that word he defined verbatim the TUDN analyst, Jorge “Russo” Zamogilny, to the America of Santiago Solari after a new failure in Liga MX. Six months ago he went against Pachuca when he was out with the visitor goal and this time they were dispatched by Pumas, one of his greatest rivals and whom – according to the Russian’s words – the Eagles they were afraid.

He bet (Solari) on a very strong localityHe played to define everything in the Vuelta because he felt that the Azteca Stadium gave him a plus. Let’s talk about the Ida because it was very important, what message do you send to your footballers, but also to rivals, “said the former player of clubs such as Puebla and Tecos.

“What would you say if you were the rival after Ida? América, the leader who took out I don’t know how many points from Pumas. I say they shit, there was a lot of fear, that’s how it felt. They talk about tactical situations, game planning, or whatever they want to disguise, but America was afraid of Pumas In the first game and that was transmitted, for the Vuelta the rival dedicated himself to playing as equals and there the result, “he concluded.

On the other hand, the also TUDN panelist and former footballer, Emanuel “Tito” Villa, supported Zamogilny’s sayings, stating that Solari boasts almost perfect regular phases, but it is useless to lift titles.

“Solari tries to show that not everything is bad, that he scored the most points in the year (…) The reality is that in important moments, this America de Solari has not given the width to capitalize on the objectives. What is the use of playing the Regular Phase by note, if not in the important phase, “supported Villa.

America apologized to the fans

Americanism ended up annoyed, outraged and disappointed in their team to see that they were again eliminated in the Quarterfinals with Santiago Solari as coach, one of the most prominent, as well as Santiago Baños, the sports director.

Given this, the Club América announced in a statement that “it will thoroughly evaluate the sporting project in the short and medium term.”, which has been a ray of hope for many followers to see major changes at all levels, including the staff, since elements such as Emanuel Aguilera, Sebastián Córdova and Bruno Valdez are pointed out in a timely manner for their recent performances.


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