Pumas qualifications after eliminating América in the 2021 Apertura League

ESPN presents the notes that the auriazul club signed against América, after eliminating them on the Azteca Stadium field

Cougars punished America’s defensive posture during the first leg and imposed conditions on the Azteca Stadium field, That were reflected in the 3 to 1 score and meant the end for the azulcrema club in the 2021 Apertura.

Alfredo Talavera (8)

The experienced goalkeeper auriazul was little demanded during the duelHowever, he was attentive to the lapses in which it was required.

In the penalty play that meant a partial advantage for the Eagles, Talavera played well with the psychological pressure on Emanuel Aguilera, however, the goal fell.

Efrain Velarde (7.5)

The veteran feline side showed difficulty to cover the area prowled by Roger Martínez and Jorge Sánchez, not to mention the little offensive depth it provided on its flank. He was injured and left the court with assistance.

Arturo Ortiz (7.5)

He discreetly carried out his defensive work and prevented America’s approaches from progressing. From set pieces he had an option with his head, but a bad shot prevented him from scoring.

Nicolas Freire (8)

He poorly fulfilled the double duty as central and auxiliary to full-back Alan Mozo when his teammate joined the attack. These spaces were seen and used by Mauro Lainez and Álvaro Fidalgo as a route to generate dangerous plays in their area.

It is worth highlighting the change of game of 50 meters that he made for Alan Mozo and led to the first Auriazul goal on the Azteca Stadium field.

Alan Mozo (9)

The winger auriazul showed his best level on the right flank of the team and rose as the figure of the night thanks to a goal and two assists. Throughout the game, Mozo was a headache for Salvador Reyes and Richard Sánchez, as he reached the finish line on numerous occasions and generated multiple dangerous plays in a real avenue.

At 28 ‘, Mozo received a great long pass from Nicolás Freire, headed towards the area and took a cross to the far post that slowly became poisoned and ended up inside the door of Guillermo Ochoa, who stood inside the small area waiting of a possible Washington Corozo auction.

Shortly before the break, a raised diagonal towards the front of the small area met the head of Washington Corozo and ended up at the bottom of the net. At 83 ‘, a new offensive incursion culminated in a center that Meritao took advantage of to eliminate America, thanks to the poor mark of Sebastián Cáceres.

Leonel Lopez (8.5)

The midfielder performed the attrition work as containment and dried both Madrigal and Richard Sánchez. His role was of great importance to prevent America from taking control of the game through midfield. He left the exchange at 87 ‘for Alek ÁLvarez.

Erik Lira (7.5)

He started the game with high revolutions and caused a penalty at just 9 ‘, as he locked Roger Martínez inside the area in a play with a low risk of prospering. The rest of the duel was dedicated to pressing the lines of America to prevent them from comfort with the ball, for which he was punished with multiple fouls in the second third of the court.

Washington Corozo (8)

The Ecuadorian forward repeatedly missed shots during the match, however, he was in the right time and place to find the goal that meant the somersault on the scoreboard.

At 42, while Mozo drove the ball, Corozo crossed the center of the area and got up in the air to connect the line with his head and make the visiting congregation explode.

Favio Alvarez (6)

Behind the center forward, Álvarez generated little danger in the rival area and was replaced by Jerónimo Rodríguez at 76 ‘.

Sebastian Saucedo (6.5)

He generated the first dangerous play in the game, with a cross shot from outside the area that ended just wide of the rival goal. In the 64 minutes that he saw action, he tried to repeat the formula a couple of times, without success at the back of the net. He left the exchange for Meritao.

Juan Dinenno (5)

At 18 ‘the auriazul forward center burst the crossbar on two occasions thanks to shots with his head; The rest of the game went unnoticed and overshadowed by the performance of Washington Corozo.


Meritao (8.5)

He entered at 63 ‘for Sebastián Saucedo and gave a breath of air to the Auriazul offensive. The change worked for Andrés Lillini, as the Brazilian scored the goal of the final sentence at 83 ‘.

Jerónimo Rodríguez (7)

The left back was the replacement of a missing Favio Álvarez at 76 ‘and incidentally closed ranks in the Auriazul defense to hold the score.

José Galindo (S / C)

Entered at 87 ‘by Efraín Velarde

Alek Alvarez (S / C)

Entered at 87 ‘by Leonel López


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