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Although it had been announced that the students of the Autonomous University of Coahuila (UAdeC) could return to school classrooms at the beginning of 2022, the academic authority is analyzing the issue since the return to classes would only be contemplated at the time when that the epidemiological traffic light was green.

Jesús Ángel Padilla Gámez, director of the Faculty of Medicine of the highest house of studies in Coahuila, said that there are still doubts about the possibility of returning to face-to-face classes next January 2022, after the return to the traffic light format was announced face-to-face since the entity recently turned yellow.

He pointed out that the Faculty of Medicine has had the experience of contagions and that is why they would seek to adapt the classes under the hybrid format next year.

“There has been a tortuous and unpredictable evolution since this virus appeared, there is a new variant and the epidemiological behavior is under study, this would allow us to carry out surveys to evaluate the relevance of returning to absolute presence”, considered the director.

The director warned that classes could continue through electronic platforms, as well as the application of exams, as had been determined at the beginning of the pandemic.

“We have the tendency that all classes that are possible to be carried out in person, are carried out, fundamentally professional practices, but taking advantage of the experience that technology has brought us for teaching, we will be considering that some subjects are viewed remotely” stated Padilla Gámez.


This strategy, he said, will allow school classrooms to be used efficiently and students have the assurance that they can take classes without any risk.

“Everything will depend on the epidemiological conditions, however, at the Faculty we are sure that we are prepared to understand that we have to teach and that we must move forward despite the contingency,” he reflected.


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