OnlyFans: what is it and how much money can you earn with your photos and videos

It’s not just adult content. Since the OnlyFans platform gained popularity among millennials and the generation Z, the idea that it was a website suitable for adults only was maintained due to the explicit images that were shared. Currently, and knowing more about its mission as a company, we can specify that it is a space for creators of different genres, not only linked to the erotic. If we enter his official Instagram account we can find from personal trainers to motivators who provide online talks.

Having explained the above and if you are one of those interested, or interested, in creating an account to share exclusive content, below we explain how you can earn money, according to the calculator that they have included in the website. Tula Rodríguez wants to open an account at OnlyFans: “Like in my spoiled days”.

The Fact: OnlyFans has paid out more than $ 3 billion in creator earnings and has established itself as the go-to platform for more than 100 million registered users and more than 1 million creators worldwide, according to its public statistics.


Your income can be divided as follows: by the number of subscribers you have on your platform and the monthly subscription price that you designate. With this clear, let’s do some examples to understand the earnings dynamics.

Example 1: If I have 1000 followers and I sell the monthly subscription for $ 4.99, I would have an approximate profit between $ 49 and $ 249 per month.

Example 2: If I have 10,000 followers and a subscription priced at $ 14.99, I would have an approximate profit between $ 1,499 and $ 7,495 per month.

* The calculation is based on an estimate of between 1% and 5% of your followers who subscribe. The earnings figure does not include income from tips and paid messages. If you want to use the shared calculator on their website, you can do so with a click here.



Unlike other social platforms, this one welcomes all genres of creators and their content. The platform is designed to optimize their participation.

When a creator publishes, more than 60% of their fans see and interact with the content. More than 80% of direct messages sent by creators are viewed and opened.

Over 100 creators have made over $ 1 million since they monetized their content at OnlyFans. The platform continues to grow as more creators use content as a way to connect with their fans.


As important data to highlight are: not to show minors, firearms, drugs, self-harm, incest, violent acts that demonstrate torture, rapes, among others. Revenge porn is totally unacceptable. To learn more about this, enter here.


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