Lillini sees Alan Mozo in Europe: ‘He’s the best full-back in Mexico’

Mexico City /

Andres Lillini, technician of Cougars, had no qualms about highlighting the work of Alan Mozo tonight in the game against America, because the winger was in charge of attending three times so that the score of 3-1 was created that helped the university students to settle in the Semifinal of the Apertura 2021. The strategist even assured that number 2 will soon be in Europe.

The Alan Mozo thing has been highlighted for a long time. Unfortunately like so many mistakes that are made at the group level, his have ended in goal plays, but he is very prominent, has grown a lot in commitment and is a player of the house, of that blood, is what best represents this house. Every day he listens more, there is good communication with me and if he wants, he is the best full-back in Mexican soccer and he will surely end up playing in Europe, “he said.

Regarding the result and the pass to the Semi, Lillini was happy and thanked the “self-love” that their players showed off on the Azteca court.

“I am very happy for the footballers, for the fans. There was a lot of pride and self-esteem from the team in the year we’ve been together; tactically we got the game planning right, with 1-0 no one lost their coolIt was complicated by the hierarchy of the rival. This group does very worthy things for this institution. I am happy”.

Likewise, Lillini recognized the presence and the drive of the fans in the stands of the Nest.

“On my part, a lot of work with the coaching staff in everything we can contribute on a day-to-day basis, I am obsessive about the player’s work on a day-to-day basis, there is no other way to demonstrate on the court. We believe they can be where they are, defending this jersey is an honor. This team is great because of the number of people who came and that for the player must have a double value. We are a family, when we have been defeated we all have a hard time and now that we have taken another step we share that joy ”.


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