Life smiles on Ben Affleck more than we thought

Since we knew of the restart of romance we have ‘Bennifer’ even in the soup. There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez and Ben affleck They are the couple of the moment, just as they were two decades ago when they were about to marry. What if cuddling in the middle of the street in New York, what if knowing glances on red carpets, what if kisses in public, hugs, caresses … Be it videos or photographs, both are populating social networks at the blow of paparazzi and curious capturing them everywhere . And it is that who does not like a love story with a happy ending? However, part of the spell lies in the happiness that both radiate in each of their appearances, together or separately.. When they pose or capture them as a couple, we see them smile from ear to ear, letting the cameras and the world witness their love without any qualms.

However, sometimes we forget that they are both artists in their own right and although JLo monopolizes the spotlight with his styles and performances on stage, Ben Affleck is not far behind. And you may not know it yet, but he is already heading to the Oscars. And for the first time as an actor.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the New York premiere of The Last Duel on October 9, 2021. (Photo by Arturo Holmes / Getty Images)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the New York premiere of The Last Duel on October 9, 2021. (Photo by Arturo Holmes / Getty Images)

While all eyes in the world are focused on the couple’s cuddles or Jennifer’s latest style, the truth is that Ben is approaching awards season singing softly. For example, the actor appeared at the premiere of his new movie, The last duel, in New York a few days ago. He posed on the red carpet with his classmates Matt Damon and Jodie Comer, but the one who gave the note was JLo by posting a photo posing behind the scenes waiting for her boyfriend to finish their engagement.

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Many media focused on posing the couple with kisses before photographers or highlighting the news with headlines focused on the singer and actress “accompanying” Ben at the premiere. And the same thing happened recently with another of Affleck’s new promotional bets, The tender bar. In the case of the US premiere of the film directed by George Clooney held days ago, the vast majority of eyes fell on noticing Jennifer’s absence. Instead of talking about the movie, Ben Affleck or George Clooney, what really made noise were the questions about why Jennifer had not attended, leading to rumors that blamed the possible bad relationship between the actress and Clooney after the shorts that jumped. between them in the filming of Out of sight (A very dangerous romance) (1998).

But very few talk about Ben as an actor, regardless of his role in the media tandem he forms with Jennifer.. However, I am convinced that in a short time it will be possible to turn the tables by being the couple stealing flashes of the next Oscars.

Both in The last duel from Ridley scottlike in The tender bar from George Clooney, Ben Affleck plays supporting characters. In the first it appears in a few sequences, but with such a mean, toxic and convincing interpretation that it manages to capture our attention completely. In the second he leaves his mark but from a completely opposite angle, bringing tenderness like an adorable uncle who lectures the young protagonist about life.

And in both, he manages to make his way to awards season. Moreover, I would not be surprised if academics have a difficult time deciding whether to nominate him for both or choose a single interpretation to make room for another actor in the category.

Ben Affleck as Count Pierre d & # 39; Alen & # xe7; on in The & # xfa; Last Duel at 20th Century Studios.  Photo by Jessica Forde.  & # xa9;  2021 20th Century Studios.  All Rights Reserved.

Ben Affleck as Count Pierre d’Alençon in 20th Century Studios’ The Last Duel. Photo by Jessica Forde. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Both films are based on true stories, although very different. The first tells the story of Marguerite de Carrouges, a French woman who in 1386 denounced a friend of her husband for raping her. At a time when women had neither voice nor vote and their only legal value depended exclusively on marriage, Jodie Comer gives us a masterful performance in a story divided into three stages, according to the perception of each one. As well as the series The affair showed us the story of an illicit romance from the perspective of each character, emphasizing the female nature misinterpreted by macho stereotypes, the film repeats the same tactic to elevate the character of Marguerite and the injustice experienced, serving as a modern analysis of those same stereotypes that still persist on a day-to-day basis. In short, Ridley Scott once again elevates the role of women above all things, showing off his good hand to mix epic and drama with overwhelming intensity.

Matt Damon plays the husband and Adam Driver the defendant (although the latter again proves why he is one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation), and Although Jodie Comer is the great star of the film with a performance worthy of reaching the Oscars, in the case of Ben Affleck the success is greater as he is a completely secondary character. He is in charge of playing a man of power, Count Pierre d’Alençon, being the main figure that represents toxic masculinity. And his great achievement lies in the fact that he manages to elevate the character to a credible and dramatic figure, without falling into the caricature of a character that could easily have been crowned as a typical villain of period cinema.

While on The tender bar manages to touch the viewer in the skin of Uncle Charlie, the owner of a bar where the protagonist learns the life lessons that form and educate him. The film is based on the memoirs of Pulitzer Prize winner JR Moehringer. It is a story about the pursuit of happiness, probably George Clooney’s simplest film as a director, and one of the best performances of Ben Affleck’s career, conveying candor and wisdom as a book lover, an educated man, knowledgeable enough to shape his nephew’s learning.

On The last duel Ben is a dramatically realistic villain who even reminds us of modern stories like Harvey Weinstein, and the influence of power in harnessing the opposite gender as a weapon of self-centered convenience. And in The tender bar He is the ideal uncle, the one that every child should have.

Arriving at the Oscars – for my part I would already be making the bets – could be the first time that Ben would be able to sneak into the awards as an actor. The truth is that despite adding more jobs as a performer throughout his career, his most applauded achievements have been as a filmmaker. We have rarely singled out Ben as an actor for his films, we can say that he did well or that we liked him, but he has rarely received unanimous applause for his work on camera (of course we must put aside the fandom for his Batman, which is more of a character-centric phenomenon than him as an actor). However, Affleck is an established director. He has a special eye for storytelling. He is an effective director, with cinematographic naturalness to move through the humanity of his characters, making his stories always have their feet on the ground, no matter how dramatic or fictional they may be.

And maybe that experience directing the wonderful Gone Baby Gone or the Oscar winner Argo They have improved their artistic talent and it is in these two films that we see the result. Ben has two Oscars in his windows, the one for best film for Argo and best script for The unstoppable Will Hunting. And if we pay attention to his new feature films, he may have to make room for more. In addition to acting in them, Ben is also a co-writer for The last duel with Matt Damon again and Nicole Holofcener, with a script that could easily enter the candidates for the 2022 awards.

In summary, as much as we see ‘Bennifer’ filling the networks with videos and photographs, and headlines highlighting the couple more than their careers, life smiles on Ben from other facets. And who knows, at last he will probably get the recognition he never had yet with that golden statuette so precious in the sky of the stars.

The last duel opens in Spain on October 29. The tender bar has no release date yet.

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