Kate Winslet and the movies and series that every fan must see (after Mare of Easttown)

Kate winslet we were not surprised at Mare of Easttown, but it was not because he did not do impressive, moving and brutal work, but because We’ve always known that she can play such a demanding role, and that she is one of those actresses that nothing goes wrong and that makes the job seem easier than it is.

Like Mare, in the series HBO which is one of the best of 2021, Kate winslet gave us a broken woman, full of pain, anguish and regret, but she was also a strong woman willing to do anything in order to protect his family, and with her he left us another great character to love and be even more obsessed with.

Throughout her brilliant career, the British actress took us to the Titanic, to a mind trying to erase its memories, to the 1950s and to the world of Jane Austen, showing that in Hollywood there is a special place for women who break schemes, who dare to take risks and who are not afraid to play complicated roles.

For many, she will always be Rose on Titanic (who did not want to share his table with Jack to save his life), for others perhaps it is Clementine, the woman who broke Jim Carrey and led him to want to erase his mind, or that frustrated woman who decided to travel to the other side of the world for a Christmas vacation away from everything and everyone in The Holiday, But they all know one thing in common, that the Oscar nominee is an unstoppable force that turns everything she touches into gold, and has great movies that every movie fan should know about.

The best Kate Winslet movies and series



The movie of James Cameron It is definitely not the best of Winslet, but it is the one that exploded her acting career and marked the beginning of her relationship with Leonardo Dicaprio. Here, Winslet plays Rose, a woman living an intense romance aboard the Titanic and to which she has to live one of the most famous maritime disasters in history, which allows her to escape from a marriage that she did not want and a life that was consuming her (or could it be that she made it all up?).

Heavenly Creatures

The movie of Peter jackson had a very young Kate winslet who shows up screaming at the camera and covered in blood, in a moment that proved she wasn’t here to play with. In this film, which was one of her first, the actress gives life to Juliet, a privileged teen and something crazy that forms a obsessive relationship with a poor teenager. When their parents try to separate them, they decide to take revenge and everything goes to waste.

The Reader

Winslet took his first and only Oscar In this film, he takes us back to post-war times (World War II) where, years after having a relationship with an older woman, a law student meets her again, but this time in a court where she must defend herself. of the war crimes charges against him. The different times allow us to see Kate Winslet playing two women who, despite being the same, are completely different.

Sense and Sensibility

This is another of the great characters of Winslet, who gives life to Marianne Dashwood in the adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen, directed by Ang read. Winslet plays an idealistic character alongside an impressive cast consisting of Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, and Hugh Grant.

Revolutionary Road

Winslet and DiCaprio they met again in this film about the farce of the American dream and the fragility of perfection. The film is based on the cult novel by Richard Yachts it is Winslet’s turn to play the tragic April Wheeler, who feels out of place in the 1950s suburbs and trapped in a frustrating marriage.

Little children

This is one of the most humane and moving interpretations of the actress, who turns into a suburban woman who begins a secret relationship with the father of one of her son’s friends, in a story about small acts of rebellion that eventually lead the two down a path of self-destruction.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Just a woman looking for her peace of mind Clementine it’s quirky, colorful, and a little weird, and all of that makes it perfect. Here, Winslet is the woman who broke the heart of Jim Carrey, who decides to erase it from his mind in order to move on, and created an iconic character that tells us about melancholy, love, loneliness and soul mates.


Mildred Pierce

Take the character of Bette davis It’s not easy, but Winslet did incredible in this HBO miniseries where he plays a woman who must work hard to provide for her daughter. Milder starts out working as a waitress and eventually gets her own restaurant, but her daughter Veda begins to act increasingly troublesome, and she must deal with her love and money problems in 1930s America.

Mare of Easttown

The second series of Winslet with HBO was a brutal thriller that begins with the murder of a teenage girl in a small town full of secrets, where Mare (Winslet) must do everything possible to do her job as she deals with her broken relationship with her mother, the death of her son, and the pressures to solve a case that has plagued her for months.

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