Hugh Jackman’s video to raise awareness among his followers after his skin cancer

Known for his role in numerous films such as ‘X-Men’ or ‘Les Miserables’, the actor Hugh jackman has published a video on his official Instagram account to make people aware of the importance of using sun creams.

Jackman appeared in the video with a bandage on his right ear after having had a biopsy to find more cancer cells. The post was accompanied by a text that read: “I’m sorry (not even a little) if I’m boring you.”

Showing his ear in the video, Hugh says a few words to his fans. “I just had a small biopsy done, it’s pre-cancerous, it’s not much, but I’m very happy of having done it to me, “he mentioned.

At the same time that he showed the result of his biopsy, he sent a message to raise awareness of the importance of getting regular skin check-ups. “I know I’ve said it before, I know I might bore you with this, but it’s very easy to do,” he continued. “If you’re like me and you didn’t know anything when you were young, didn’t use sunscreen and grew up in the Australian sun, you need to get a checkup more urgently.”

The actor announced in May 2015 in the media ‘Who’ that in less than two years he had suffered four types of foot cancerl (three of them on the nose and one on the shoulder). Since then, Hugh Jackman undergoes reviews every three months for the rest of his life, something that, according to what he published on his social networks, he had fulfilled.

Until now, it has undergone no less than six operations to fight cancer. Hugh thanks his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, for having been the one who noticed his first cancer, encouraging him to go to the doctor to have his nose checked in 2013.

In 2017, after having been operated on, he already published the first image raising awareness to use sun protection. “Thanks to the frequent skin checks and the amazing doctors, everything is fine. It looks worse with the bandage as without it. I swear! Use sunscreen!”

Since then, she has opened up about her battle with skin cancer on multiple occasions to raise awareness and encourage the world to exercise caution.

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