Glory and misfortunes of Sylvester Stallone, the actor with the air of a bully without being one

At the age of seventy-five on July 6, Sylvester Stallone continues to enjoy great popularity as the protagonist of a series of films in which the actor’s muscles are always present, his enormous strength to face opponents, usually villains. This has given him unprecedented success around the world, millions of dollars in his bank accounts, but also in contrast to a troubled past.

He was born in a New York neighborhood into a curious family: a hairdresser father who mistreated him, and especially his mother, who came to earn a living in a unique way, as aerialist, astrologer, dance teacher and representative of women practicing wrestling. Sylvester’s birth occurred with serious problems, suffering paralysis in part of his face, which would cause him to forever have the lower left part of his face paralyzed, affecting his lips, tongue and chin. That is why you draw words and struggle with pronunciation. The consequence of this was that he had to put up with the taunts of his fellow students. He had delays in his education to the point that for that and other reasons he did not get to obtain a bachelor’s degree until 1999. At fifty-three years old!

Once those physical limitations were overcome, Sylvester was hell-bent on being Superman. The films made by the later unfortunate Reeves he knew by heart. I wanted to imitate him. So much so that one day he threw himself from his terrace into the void, and he did not kill himself by a pure miracle.

An inferiority complex of his intellect has been present many times in his behavior with others. And the memory of a childhood and adolescence hardened by his father, a violent guy who beat his son by telling him that he had no brain, knowing under what circumstances he came into the world. Sylvester wondered what he could do, since he was behind in his studies. He tried as a footballer. And one day he thought he could be an actor. To pay for the Dramatic Art classes, when he verified that he only had twenty dollars in his bank account, agreed to intervene in a porn movie. When it was already well known, that film went around the world in the most surprising channels.

With his friend Schwarzenegger | File

Sylvester, of course, was not happy with that decision: he hated those kinds of movies. In brief appearances, we briefly saw him in Bananasby Woody Allen and in an episode of the series Kojak, that starred Telly Savalas. One day contemplating a boxing match of Muhamad Ali, heavyweight champion, he had the solution for his future in the cinema. He wrote a script, starred in it, and the result was spectacular: Rocky. It was the story of a failed fighter who was stumbling through life. Given that this film made an unexpected amount of money, the sequel would not wait until that character, Rocky Balboa, had six titles shot. And when it was believed that “Rocky” had hit rock bottom, Sylvester Stallone found another hero to sweep the box office again: “Rambo“, a green beret, ex-combatant in Vietnam. Five films where Stallone uses his powerful muscles and his vision when facing dangerous and evil enemies.

The truth is that despite his box office triumphs Sylvester Stallone has been holding the image of a loser. In the Oscar nominations they never took it into account. More generous were at the Golden Globes, awarded by critics. Despite the fact that they never showed any interest in his performances. In summary: Sylvester Stallone seems to be an eternal strong man who, although his films have been easily popular in many countries, do not accredit him as an actor, unable to string together coherent phrases and a mere interpreter of minimal gestures, always the same.

Tested Sylvester Stallone Lucky for funny comedies where he didn’t have to show off his athletic torso and physical prowess. He did not play bad roles in that new facet. Although those films have not surpassed the box office of “Rocky” and “Rambo”. His enemies, always envious of his successes on screen, attacked him saying that he had undergone cosmetic surgery several times. Can be. The worst thing is that they reported that he used steroids to increase his muscles. What he always rejected.

Sylvester Stallone has gone through life with thug air, without being it. But that’s the impression he makes with his physique. The women he related to felt protected by his side. With the actress Sasha czack celebrated their first wedding in 1974. They had two children. A union that lasted until 1985, when Sylvester enjoyed his status as a movie star. The female fans clung to his body like limpets. This is what happened to the Danish Brigitte Nielsen, who looked like a sexual athlete and crazy model because of her tall stature, one meter and eighty five centimeters, eight taller than him. When he met him, he told him suddenly: “You are the dream of my life.” They were married in a short time, in 1985. That XXXL blonde had a fabulous time in Hollywood as “Mrs. Stallone.” He gave in to the invitations made by some celebrities. And when the naive Sylvester realized he was cheating on him, he ended their inconsistent marriage in 1987. Color magazines had them fixed on their pages.

With her son Sage in 1990 | Cordon Press

Stallone he was not happy in his two marriages. He resorted to romances with young girls who were looking at his side for an opportunity to enter the cinema. One of them, Jennifer flavin, was the one who ended up being Sylvester’s third wife in 1997. They had three children. Among them a girl, Sophie, who was born with heart difficulties. Sylvester then went through a crisis of faith. A practicing Catholic who in the past had abandoned religious obligations, he regained them when the girl recovered from her delicate state of health.

Another stroke of fate befell her in 2012 when her thirty-six-year-old firstborn son Sage was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment. The coroner determined that suffering from a coronary disease had died from ingestion of pills.

Sylvester Stallone passed a stage of despondency by that misfortune. Later, in recent years he has continued to lead his film business. He has several films pending release and announces his next production, The suicide squad. His projects are still an adventure film that produces high profits. He once thought of bringing the life of Edgar Allan Poe to the screen, so that critics would know that he had already outgrown his violent films. For now, he has not given up on being the tough guy always, for which he has not stopped pounding his body daily in a gym. He assumes that, down that path, he will never be awarded an Oscar. But the guy is “lined with dough.” Go one for the other and if you want a golden statuette of “Uncle Oscar”, you can buy it in a store of “everything a hundred” of the Chinese.

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