Club América eliminated from Liga MX by Pumas: summary of the match for the quarterfinals | America vs Pumas Result | Mexico mx | SPORT-TOTAL

FULL TIME! Pumas has eliminated América with a double from Washington Corozo and a goal from Meritao. Alan Mozo was the great figure with three great centers for the victory of the university students, who reached the semifinal of the championship.

45 + 2 ‘ST | Cordova center that goes to the hands of Talavera and the game will end in a few seconds.

41 ‘ST | The game is ending and America will be eliminated from the MX league.

38 ‘ST | GOOOOOOL COUGARS! The university team hits the Azteca and eliminates America, which was the big favorite in the tournament. The goal was scored by Meritao after a center from Alan Mozo, the great figure of the match.

35 ‘ST | America does not find a way to cause damage and Pumas continues attacking with Corozo and Dinenno.

28 ‘ST | Center of Henry Martin but Lainez does not get to connect.

25 ‘ST | America’s counterattack with Henry Martin and it is Nicolás Freire who clears.

24 ‘ST | America is saved again after an attack by the Pumas.

21 ‘ST | Pumas attack with Corozo but the defense of América clears the ball.

20 ‘ST | America is looking for a tie to qualify but the collective game in Solari’s team is very poor, for now.

15 ‘ST | Henry Martin’s goal disallowed for advanced position.

13 ‘ST | Corozo active in the attack of the Pumas, has been the figure of the party.

10 ‘ST | The game begins to get stuck in the center of the field and there are no chances to score.

5 ‘ST | Pumas attack with Dinenno and Aguilera sends her to the side.

2 ‘ST | Ball that goes to the side kick in favor of Pumas in this start of the game.

1 ‘ST | THE SECOND TIME BEGAN! America and Pumas are already playing the last part of the game.

45 ‘PT | The first half is ending and it is the Pumas team that takes the advantage. With this result they would be qualifying for the semifinal.

41 ‘PT | COROZO GOOOOOOL! Washington Corozo heads after a cross from Alan Mozo and the Pumas already win it 1-2 at Azteca.

38 ‘PT | Roger Martínez tried from outside the area but sent it quite wide.

34 ‘PT | Dinenno receives close to the area but Henry Martin goes back to send it to the throw-in.

31 ‘PT | Foul in favor of Pumas and Talavera will take out.

28 ‘PT | GOOOOOOL COUGARS! Alan Mozo has scored a spectacular goal when he was looking for the center for Corozo.

26 ‘PT | Talavera saves the Pumas after a great action from Lainez.

23 ‘PT | COROZOOOOOOOOOO! Again the Ecuadorian striker misses the goal.

22 ‘PT | There is a free kick in favor of America that can be dangerous.

17 ‘PT | EAGLES ARE SAVED! Double shot to the crossbar by Dinenno that almost equaled him at Azteca.

13 ‘PT | What Washington Corozo failed, a gift for Memo Ochoa.

10 ‘PT | GOOOOOL OF AMERICA! Aguilera scores 1-0 in favor of the ‘Aguilas’ at Azteca, defeats Talavera and there is already an advantage for Solari’s men.

8 ‘PT | Roger Martínez entered the area, was knocked down and there is a penalty in favor of America.

5 ‘PT | Foul in favor of the Pumas in the center of the field.

4 ‘PT | Pumas first auction! Saucedo shoots from medium distance but goes wide.

2 ‘PT | América wins a corner kick but does not bring danger to the Pumas’ goal.

1 ‘PT | START THE PARTY! America and Pumas are already playing from the Azteca.

Remember that the game will be broadcast on TUDN (Channel 5).

We are just a few minutes away from the Azteca stadium to kick off the game.

Pumas vs. America

Pumas UNAM: Alfredo Talavera; Alan Mozo, Arturo Ortiz, Nicolás Freire, Efraín Velarde; Favio Álvarez, Erik Lira, Leonel López, Sebastián Saucedo; Juan Ignacio Dinenno and Washington Corozo.

America vs. Cougars

America: Guillermo Ochoa; Jorge Sánchez, Sebastián Cáceres, Emanuel Aguilera, Mauro Lainez; Álvaro Fidalgo, Richard Sánchez, Fernando Madrigal, Salvador Reyes; Roger Martínez and Henry Martin.

You are with the bets prior to America vs. Pumas for the quarterfinals of the MX league.

This is how the Azteca stadium, the home of America, remains for the great game that will be lived tonight against Pumas.

Check here some data from the match between America vs. Pumas, one of the classics of Liga MX.

Possible alignment of Pumas

Alfredo Talavera, Efraín Velarde, Nicolás Freire, Arturo Ortiz, Alan Mozo, Sebastián Saucedo, Leonel López, Erik Lira, Favio Álvarez, Diogo and Juan Dinenno.

Possible America lineup

Guillermo Ochoa, Salvador Reyes, Bruno Váldez, Sebastián Cáceres, Jorge Sánchez; Álvaro Fidalgo, Santiago Naveda, Sebastián Córdova, Miguel Layún and Henry Martín.

Where do they broadcast America vs. Cougars?

The broadcast of Club América vs. Pumas UNAM will be in charge of the signals for TUDN, Channel 5 and Televisa Deportes.

America vs Pumas UNAM: schedules in the world

Peru: 8:00 pm
Ecuador: 8:00 pm
Colombia: 8:00 pm
Mexico: 7:00 pm
Uruguay: 10:00 pm
Argentina: 10:00 pm

America vs. Pumas: history

Both teams have collided 47 times, leaving a balance of 22 wins for Club América, 15 draws and 10 wins for Pumas UNAM. Review their last duels.
November 2021 | Pumas 0-0 America by Opening Tournament
October 2021 | America 2-0 Pumas by Opening Tournament
May 2021 | Pumas 0-1 America by Clausura Tournament
October 2020 | America 2-2 Pumas by Opening Tournament
March 2020 | Pumas 3-3 America by Clausura Tournament

This was the last training session for Pumas before facing América.

“Because of how the game was, so close, a goal was decisive and we had five clear options and we couldn’t finish. It is not easy to defeat an opponent who defends a lot in their area and who closed well. They are one goal games. I leave with this taste of wanting a rematch, “he added.

Manager Andrés Lillini knows very well that he will face a very difficult challenge to reach the semifinals. “We have no other choice but to win. We know it lasts 90 minutes and we must be prepared. It is important to me to recover them, we feel the fatigue in the lucidity to have that last pass or that dynamic of reaching the area ”, he expressed at a press conference.

For their part, the ‘Universitarios’ only use to win to move on to the next phase of the MX League. The ‘Auriazules’ lost a great opportunity to gain an advantage on their court and now, they will have to visit Azteca, which is always a very complicated place.

This was the last training session in America before facing Pumas UNAM.

In addition, he highlighted the superiority of Pumas UNAM in passages of the meeting. “They hit at the beginning, they wouldn’t let us play, but that’s it, it’s part of the game. It was a very serious match on the part of both teams, ”he added.

“In each game, it is a world and it cannot be compared as it can change a lot. Soccer is like that, when the margin of error is shortened, the time to change the result is shortened. It is a well-known subject, ”he said during a press conference.

The cast of Coapa only finished off the goal twice in the first leg. After the final whistle, the technical director Santiago Solari put cold cloths on the matter and stressed that each match is different.

América vs Pumas UNAM will face this Saturday, November 27, starting at 8 pm (Peruvian time) at Azteca for the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021 league of the MX League.

The match that was played at the University Olympic Stadium last Wednesday ended equalized without goals so, if the result remains so, the ‘Eagles’ would qualify for the semifinals, since they are better positioned than their rival on duty.

Welcome to El Comercio! Here we will tell you all the details of the pre-match that América and Pumas will star in the Azteca stadium for the quarterfinals of the Liga MX. Follow with us all the details minute by minute.


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