Carmen Salinas continues serious, but stable

For the past two weeks, the entertainment industry has been waiting for the latest health updates from legendary Mexican actress Carmen Salinas, 82, who is well known in Mexico, the United States, and the world. However, the ties between Carmen Salinas and Laredo are stronger than one might expect.

Raúl G. Salinas, who is a former retired FBI agent and mayor of Laredo, is also a nephew of the legendary actress and recently spoke with LMT about his aunt’s health and to tell several stories about the woman he calls. ‘ Aunt Carmen ”. Salinas had been in constant contact with her until her health took a sharp turn earlier this month. Salinas says the situation is dire when it comes to her medical condition, but she is a tough fighter.

“I am in contact with the family and with his manager and also with his nephew, Gustavo Briones … and in fact, I just spoke with them a few days ago and they told me that he had a tracheostomy and gastrostomy and that everything went very well. but he is still in a coma but stable, said Salinas. “All her vital signs are good, and she is a woman of faith, a very strong faith in religion and the church is very important to her.”

Salinas said he is surprised, like the whole family and other artists close to Carmen Salinas, by her sudden spiral of health complications, as she was always considered to be in good health and in good shape.

“He was actually filming a (soap opera) at this point, and he had just come back from the set when he suffered the stroke, but he had the call around 7 in the morning and he was recording until 10 at night,” Salinas said. “This took everyone by surprise, as she had just gotten home from acting, they were having dinner and they were watching her novel.”

Although his health is very delicate and he continues to fight the coma he is in, Salinas said he is not surprised by his tenacity to continue fighting to survive.

“It doesn’t surprise me, because she has a lot of fights and she’s a warrior and she’s a fighter and she’s fighting hard,” Salinas said. “This is the biggest challenge she has ever faced, but I am sure she is ready for the fight.”

Salinas said that his relationship with Carmen Salinas has always been strong; Especially as their relationship grew while he lived and worked in Mexico City during the 1990s, where they constantly hung out and grew closer to each other.

“I was very proud of the fact that her nephew was, first of all, an FBI agent and also mayor, since he always spoke highly of his nephew when he was on Telemundo or Univisión, for which I felt very honored,” said Raúl . . “We had that great relationship, we talked at least once a month and the last time I spent time with her in Mexico City was shortly before the pandemic started. I went to her house and spent about three hours with her and had a wonderful visit with the family. She showed me her house and you don’t know how many trophies and certificates and photos and everything with her more than 50 years as an actress, as a comedian, as an impersonator, as a congressman for the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), as an entrepreneur and also as a producer, too. appears in numerous novels (soap operas) ”.

She said that when she retired in 2002 from her job as an FBI agent at the United States embassy in Mexico City, she went to the farewell party and wowed everyone there while saying goodbye to Salinas.

“I was in Mexico City for eight and a half years, and we spent a lot of time together as I was assigned to the United States Embassy on legal matters with the FBI, representing the FBI, so obviously we got even closer. It was right there, ”Salinas said. “We went to dinner often and spent a lot of time together and of course she was the entertainer, since she had a musical called ‘The Adventurer’. I went to that show maybe 10 times and the unusual thing about being with Carmen is that she made the audience participate, you know this is a live musical like the theater, and they invited the audience to get up and dance, and I always I had the privilege of dancing with her. I never had the privilege of dancing with the other actresses, but I was able to dance with her ”.

‘Aventurera’ was one of the most outstanding works of Carmen Salinas since she served as executive director in it. The show ran for 20 years selling stadiums throughout Latin America and in the United States. In Laredo, the show was completely sold out.

As for her favorite place in Laredo, Raúl says that Carmen, and even her manager, Chato, who always followed her, loved going to eat at the local IHop because they liked blueberry pancakes. However, Salinas said they could barely eat because people would come up to him and ask for autographs once they saw that Carmen Salinas was at the restaurant. Even the waitresses and waiters asked for autographs.

“Then I remember this young woman saying, ‘Mr. Salinas, you put my dad in jail, so can you tell her aunt if she could sign my autograph? Salinas said. “I told her, ‘yeah, you’d better sign her autograph,’ and we both laughed and she was so sweet, so approachable, so caring, so caring, and truly an icon in the arts industry. But he always had time and he always loved people. And she, as a congresswoman, always had time for everyone and always treated people the same. “

In Laredo, Salinas remembers taking Carmen to a nursing home where everyone showed her love and admiration. He also took her to Burlington to shop very often, as it was also one of his favorite places to shop for his family in Mexico.

Salinas said that he once took Carmen to a business called ‘La Fama’, which used to be in downtown Laredo, and as soon as people found out that Carmen was there, the place was flooded to the point where they had to close the street for your visit. .

“I don’t know if anyone bought anything, but we had to close the street,” Salinas said.

Salinas said Carmen also fully supported him when he decided to run for mayor of Laredo in the 2000s.

“We have been very close, and we have gotten closer and closer and when I ran for mayor she played a very prominent role, and she came alone and campaigned for me, made appearances and supported me, and came and visited different places, since He even made a television appearance with me, ”Salinas said.

Carmen is also famous for many of her film roles in both Mexico and the United States, having participated in acclaimed films such as “Man on Fire,” where she acted alongside Denzel Washington.

According to the former mayor, Carmen asked him numerous times how to say various things in English in an effort to make his roles correct for the films he played, such as in the movie “Man on Fire” and “Under the Same Moon,” which he also helped produce and star alongside Eugenio Derbez and Kate Del Castillo.

“He told me my little boy, as he always called me little boy with great affection, you have to teach me to say ‘please don’t shoot’, and we practiced many times because that was one of her main lines with Denzel and she was very proud to be in a movie with Denzel Washington, ”Salinas said.

The former mayor also remembers a story about her when in 1986 a man gave her a Mexican lottery ticket as a form of tip, since she was a dancer at the time and it turned out that the ticket was a winning ticket and she won approximately 350,000 pesos and used that money to buy your own house.

Salinas also remembers many stories about her always being frank and sincere when interviewed and always using her famous phrase “don’t be hype” (don’t be silly) as a form of expression when she wanted to make something clear.

“She is definitely the best of us and she is very adored and not only on both sides of the border in the United States and Mexico, but in Latin America and around the world,” said Salinas. “I ask you please, please, that the people of our community and surrounding areas please pray because the power of prayer is everything.”

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