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If we want to refer to a tough, rebellious woman, with arms to take and who can measure herself equally with her companions in action movies, that is, without any doubt, Michelle Rodríguez. Already from his film debut he demonstrated it in Girlfight in 2000, which would be followed in 2001 by the first film in the Fast & Furious franchise, the ninth installment of which is already on sale. Resident Evil, Machete, Avatar or the Lost series, which is available on Disney +, are his most relevant performances in a career eminently marked by the genre of action and adrenaline.

Rodríguez is American, but of Latino descent. He has grown up halfway between Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the United States, settling his residence in New Jersey. Her character as a tough woman already comes to her as soon as she enlisted in the American army.

The first opportunity as an actress came from the hand of Girlfight with the world of women’s boxing as a backdrop. This role would earn him good reviews and earned him the role of Letty Ortiz, Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) girlfriend in Full Speed, a flagship car racing franchise.

Another saga that would sign her would be that of the filmmaker Paul W. S Anderson: Resident Evil. The films starring Milla Jovovic (another actress always associated with the action genre) would feature the Texan actress on two occasions: resident Evil (2002) and Resident Evil 5: Revenge (2012). In between, he would premiere films like On the edge of the waves (2002), SWAT: Harrelson’s Men (2003), Bloodrayne (2005) or Howls (2006) always with action woman roles.

2009 was a great year for the actress. It would premiere from the hand of James Cameron the acclaimed Avatar, where she plays the pilot Trudy Chacón. In addition, it is the year in which the director Justin Lin would reincorporate her to the saga that made her known in Fast & Furious, Even faster, and she will remain in it until this ninth installment (and it will not be the last) as a devoted couple of the protagonist. Robert Rodríguez also noticed her for his duo of films about the character of Machete (Danny Trejo). Michelle would play Luz in Machete (2010) and Machete kills (2013) two proposals with the flavor of a violent film from series B with the unmistakable stamp of the director who signs them.

Before getting into the movie at hand, Fast & Furious 9, Also mention his time on television and dubbing. For the small screen, her most relevant role would be that of Ana Lucía Cortez in the ABC series Perdidos between 2005 and 2006. As a voice actress, she has participated in video games such as Call of Duty and Halo, and provided her voice for the animated film Turbo. and on television for the Cartoon Networks IGPX series, these last two fictions with the theme of careers from which it seems that the actress does not want to get rid of.

And we finally get to his last job: Fast & furious 9. In it we will meet the brother of Toretto Jakob (John Cena) as the central villain in search of Ares, a system for hacking any weapon or electrical device. The entire cast of previous films returns (except for Dwayne Johnson) in a fast-paced adventure of action and mind-blowing speed scenes, which are more incredible as it is now customary in the franchise. Constant adrenaline that will not disappoint lovers of the saga.

For her part, Michelle Rodríguez does not disappoint in her interpretation of Letty, being more than at the height of her male companions. His charisma is beyond doubt, and he is capable of putting the viewer in the pocket.

Fast & Furious 10 and Fast & Furious 11 both will feature Justin Lin behind the scenes and will be shot at the same time as a way to give the franchise a golden end. This filming is expected to begin in January next year and its premiere in the United States for the tenth installment on April 7, 2023.

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