A decade later, Mexicans beat Kenyans in the CDMX Marathon

They had to pass 11 years for what a Mexican would win the Mexico City Marathon again. This Sunday, Dario castro was crowned with a time of 2:14:51 and then, Eloy Sanchez was awarded the second place to do the 1-2 and with this defeat Kenyan hegemony.

Sanchez stopped the stopwatch at 2 hours 14 minutes 52 seconds, where Castro stayed with him first place by stepping on the electronic mat first. Rodgers Ondati finished in third position with an official time of 2 hours 17 minutes and 31 seconds.

One thing to highlight is that both Eloy Sanchez What Dario castro belong to the National Army, which is why they show their training and dedication by reaching the goal of the CDMX Marathon almost tied.

It was in 2009 when Edilberto Méndez Hernández was consecrated champion with a time of 2 hours 21 minutes 34 seconds.

Eloy Sánchez revealed how was what planned with his partner to cross the finish line together and stay with the domain of the Marathon.

It was a very difficult race, my partner Darío surprised me at kilometer 35-36, I saw that he stayed and I slowed down. After he caught up with me, we got back to the rhythm of competition, we came together and talking. I told him ‘well, this race belongs to us Mexicans, we did the work and lKenyans stayed ‘”commented the member of the National Army.

And is that Darío suffered a cramp in his right leg when he passed kilometer 35 located on Paseo de la Reforma. Now, the two athletes will seek to defend their title and endorse the Mexican dominance in the next edition of the competition.

Why not be here next year, we could repeat it. I know that next year more elite guests will come, but we must continue preparing, “said Eloy.


Francisco San Clemente, originally from Colombia, was the first to cross the finish line in his wheelchair. It was also awarded the record in the category with 1:34:00, surpassing the 2019 mark of 1:38:03.

The Mexicans Martín Velazco and Gonzalo Valdovinos They completed the podium with el second and third place stopping the clock on 1:39:19 and 1:40:18, respectively.


It should be noted that in this edition the Marathon presented a drop at number of participants, because although there was a registration of 20 thousand participants (limit established by the pandemic situation) little more than 15 thousand registered their departure. It will be at two in the afternoon when the so-called “Sweeper” passes through the lagging corridors to open the circulation of the route that it understood from the University Olympic at CU until the Plinth of the Mexico City.


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