Verstappen attacked the FIA ​​for ‘illogical’ sanction he gave to Hamilton

The season in Formula 1 is about to end, with two more races to go, where the title still on the air due to the distance between the leaders, because Max Verstappen leads Lewis Hamilton by 8 points, although the pilot of Red Bull is not happy with the FIA.

Recently a pair of penalties for both drivers: the FIA punished with a fine of 50 thousand euros to Verstappen for touching the Hamilton spoiler and to British they imposed a fine of 5,000 euros for unbuttoning the seat belt, something that the Red Bull believes ‘illogical’.

Verstappen poked against the FIA ​​and Hamilton

In an interview with ‘DAZN’, Max vertappen talked about these sanctions who gave the FIA in recent days, where ‘mocked’ decision-making, Well, how was it said? his act was much cheaper for Hamilton than for him.

I’m not allowed to touch a rear wing anymore, that’s for sure. If you do, you have to pay a very expensive fine. Apparently cheaper to drive without seat belts. So I’ll think about it, ”Verstappen said wryly.

Max know that the rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes is on the rise, although he understands that it is normal, because as both teams are fighting hand in hand for the Formula 1 title, understand this kind of ‘piques’ inside decade circuit and even outside the.

“I believe that it’s normal when the fight is between two teams. Of course, both try to make it more difficult for the rival. And that’s why all this is a natural process, nothing new after all. Yes, I analyze the races. Recent ones are easier to remember. But I think that (his action in Brazil) was a tough battle and that it benefited F1″ Said the Dutchman.

Finally Verstappen confessed that does not think about what he will do or how he will celebrate in case of consecration Formula 1 champion, as it would be a distraction for him besides that there is nothing said.

I don’t know how I would react and it’s good, because I don’t think about these things. I’ll improvise when the time comes, If arrives. And if it does not arrive, the same. I don’t think positive and I don’t think negative either. I stay in the center which I think is what works best ”, concluded Max Verstappen


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