‘Time for forgiveness’ and 4 other novels by John Grisham

    Rage. An immense and productive rage drove John Grisham to write his first novel, Time to kill. After hearing testimony about the rape of a 12-year-old girl, the author imagined what would happen if the father took revenge. And, even more, if it were a black man facing the white community of a small town in Mississippi. The complaint was served and the seed was sown.

    Time for forgiveness (Successes)


    € 22.70

    Not only would Jack Brigance, one of the best defense attorneys of the judicial thriller, be born from that debut film. Also the most successful writer of the genre. His gripping trials, vivid courtroom scenes, suspense and twists, and even the final defense agree with the most important jury: the readers. Sales confirm it: more than 300 million copies. If to this we add the loudspeaker of cinema and television –13 of his novels have already been brought to the screen–, the verdict is clear. John Ray Grisham is guilty of the sedentary lifestyle caused by his addictive fictions.

    Three decades later, the writer returns to the scene of the crime with Forgiveness time, and he does it by recruiting Brigance again in the hope that his talent for the arguments will give him another victory – incidentally, he continues to denounce all that shit that is swept under the carpet of the tables of power. Criticism has not been long in coming. The novel is top Grisham. HBO’s offer hasn’t been long either. He already has the rights to a series that would also mean the return of Matthew McConaughey to the platform (Jack Brigance was his first appearance in a major production, Time to Die, 1996). Now, Matthew wants to go back to court and defend a role for which he is already tall.

    Time to kill (1989)

    Time to kill (Best Seller)


    € 12.30

    The author’s debut feature was slow to become a best-seller, but after the success of The cover, The Pelican Report and The clientIt was republished and had, in addition to its film adaptation, a theatrical one. The plot denounces the different yardstick of justice according to the race of the culprit.

    The Pelican Report (1992)

    The Pelican Report (Best Seller)


    € 9.45

    Frederick Forsyth said of Grisham’s third novel that he “could not stop reading it” – and we will not contradict the author of Jackal-. This legal fiction, starring in the cinema by Julia Roberts, revolves around the death of two Supreme Court justices and their connection to Washington.

    Reckoning (2018)

    Settlement of accounts (Best Seller)


    € 10.40

    Turned into a more than solid author, Grisham surprises us with a thriller dating back to the Bataan Death March, a brutal episode of World War II. A past that explains why a decorated hero is silent in the face of the crime that will lead him to the electric chair.

    The manuscript (2020)

    The manuscript (Successes)


    € 21.75

    Non-legal fiction novel with a mystery so real that it smells like today’s corruption. The best? Enjoy the humor and bad slobber of an author who does not cut himself when taking a look at the literary world and striking some coups de grace. It is another Grisham, but it is completely right.

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