The best applications to track cell phones and locate people without anyone knowing

The tools they offer Android and ios to locate lost devices are among the most effective in the world. Both operating systems have pre-installed apps that allow geolocation of the position of a cell phone in a few minutes.

These applications are effective especially if the device was stolen, since they allow you to find who stole it, and report it, but also provide the option to reset the cell phone and erase all your information in the process, leaving it unusable.

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In the case of Android cell phones, the Google Play Store services come with a pre-installed application called Find My Device, which can be used from other devices to find someone else’s phone or from a browser to find your own.

To use it, It is necessary to have the use of the real-time location enabled for this application – something that is established from the base but that could have been disabled at some point –. This is done by going to Settings> Google (or Google Services)> Security and making sure that remote device location is enabled in the Find My Device section.

Find My Device by Google comes pre-installed on Android phones.

To find it, it is only necessary to type in a Google browser -how it is Chrome– the question “Where is my cellphone?“and then open the app Find My Divice which appears as one of the first options. From there you can not only see where exactly the cell phone is, but it also offers the option to erase your data if it is unrecoverable..

Also, the use of this eraser tool -which is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) – Allows you to block the cell phone and make it unusable unless you have the username and password of the last Google account that was used on that cell phone..

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In the case of devices ios from Manzanawhich in the case of cell phones are iPhone but it also includes the iPads and iPods Touch among others-, the system is very similar with the main difference in that the search must be carried out from the iCloud page or from another iOS device.

To find it, you need to log in to iCloud and have the “Search device“on the lost cell phone. From there you can see its location, block it remotely and even delete its content if it is. irrecoverable.

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