Soriano doctor Jesús San Miguel, 2021 Gregorio Marañón Prize for Medicine

The doctor from Soria, Jesús San Miguel, has been awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation with the Gregorio Marañón Prize for Medicine, one of the ten recognitions granted by the Ministry in the field of research.

San Miguel, who also starred in one of the sections of the Soria Salud publication this November, and was awarded in 2007 by the Caja Rural Scientific Foundation (FCCR), is the director of Clinical and Translational Medicine at the University of Navarra and medical director of the University of Navarra Clinic. He is the third scientist

and the first active clinical specialist in Spain most cited, according to the ranking published by the Group for the Dissemination of the H Index (DIH).

In his career he has more than 860 international publications, 150 national ones, numerous monographs and more than 120 chapters in international books. He has participated in more than 160 lectures and communications in national and international conferences.

The director of the FCCR, Juan Manuel Ruiz Liso, has praised, in addition to the professionalism, the human stature of the winner, for his generosity and that “humanism from Soria” that makes him always show his “roots with his land” both in what it concerns his medical dedication as well as friendship. A “sensitivity” that makes him turn to the patients who come to be treated in the clinics he runs.

He is, for Ruiz Liso, one of the professionals who “has done the most for medicine in this country”, as his extensive curriculum already shows, but also in the educational field, with a large number of doctoral theses he has directed. He also highlighted the work capacity of San Miguel, who also directs the new University of Madrid Clinic.

The National Research Awards were created in 1982 with the announcement of the ‘Santiago Ramón y Cajal’ National Research Award and subsequently other categories have been created. One of them, deservedly, has been this year for the doctor from Soria, who “only needs to receive the Prince of Asturias and the Nobel,” Ruiz Liso concluded.

The profile of Jesús San Miguel, published in the latest edition of Soria Saludale can be read in this link.


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