Koke and Ramiro explode after finding out what Emilio says.

Koke and Ramiro could not be contained and exploded against Emilio on

Exatlon Mexico
. And it was not for less, because the red athlete he said forceful words behind their backs, like he “considers them children.”

Since the high-performance athlete arrived on the most demanding beaches and lands, he has not stopped talking about the blues, because in his opinion they have the attitudes of young children, because they do nonsense and has made special reference to the ‘Sorcerer of the air’ and the ‘Hercules regio’.

In the chapter that we lived this Thursday, we could hear the aforementioned athletes talk about everything their partner said behind their backs.

“It seems a bit unnecessary for me to want to continue pretending with words, but not with deeds. Let him come and show what he has to do and speak what he wants, but while can not be throwing garbage through the mouth if he hasn’t shown anything here on the show, ”Koke said.

Exatlon Advance, Chapter 74. | Fierce elimination duel on Exatlón beaches. | Exatlon Mexico

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This is what Emilio Rodríguez said

Previously, Emilio expressed in the most demanding reality show, that Koke and he does not respect all the blue athletes, neither in the competition nor outside of it because it seems to him that they are “children”.

Visibly upset, Ramiro said he would take care of get emilio out and that he would make a gesture when he beat him, implying that he is a talker.

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