Keanu Reeves: This is the HUMBLE lifestyle of the actor despite his fortune

Although throughout his career Keanu reeves has starred in such successful franchises as’Matrix‘ and ‘John wick‘, beyond his talent, has stood out for being an exemplary person off camera.

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East September 2, 2021, the actor celebrates 57 years of life in which his charisma and kindness have led him to be considered the perfect man.

This is the HUMBLE lifestyle of the actor despite his fortune

It is estimated that the protagonist of ‘Maximum speed‘has managed to raise a fortune of $ 360 millionHowever, he leads a lifestyle far removed from the luxuries of Hollywood.

How is Reeves with his fans?

Keanu has been characterized by the special bond it has with its fans, as happened during the filming of the headbandBill & ted‘, where he was surprised by a poster where his followers expressed their affection, so he decided to approach and show his gratitude through an autograph.

Keanu’s heart is altruistic

The actor He has stated on more than one occasion that for him, the least important thing is money, but it is known that he always supports those who need it most and although he does so anonymously, it is known that most of the earnings he receives for his films donates it to social causes and organizations such as PETA, Stand up to Cancer and SickKids Foundation.

Photo: Archive

The actor has stolen the hearts of more than one

Keanu reeves He has also been characterized by being a gentleman in all the extension of the word and to show a video that became very popular where he traveled on the subway and gave the seat to a woman.

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