Keanu Reeves thanks Will Smith for turning down Neo’s role in The Matrix

Matrix Resurrections hits theaters on December 22. In the fourth installment of the saga, Keanu Reeves will resume his role as Neo, one of the most prominent roles of his career and that, as it already transcended years ago, was about to fall into the hands of another star: Will Smith.

Smith turned down the role and in an interview with Esquire they asked Reeves what he thought of his partner’s decision.

This role changed my life. It was a wonderful creative experience, so playing Neo in the trilogy and now in the fourth film has had a huge impact on my personal life and creatively, “he said.

Then, looking at the camera, the interpreter addressed Smith directly. “Thank you very much,” he said.

The protagonist of Men in Black explained earlier why he had rejected Neo’s role.

“Sometimes you say no when you should have said yes,” he joked in an appearance on The Shop Uninterrupted, adding that he “would have ruined” the Matrix saga. In a more serious tone, Smith assured that the description they offered him of the film did not convince him.

We are going to create some cameras, we will invent some cameras and we will imagine that you jump, as if doing a kung fu movement, but then you can stay still in the air … The camera would show everything around … We are going to invent that “were the words used by the Wachowski sisters to get him to join the project.

Instead, Smith decided to roll Wild Wild West, film that he himself chose as the worst of his career. “Wild Wild West is a thorn in my side. Seeing me in riding pants I do not like,” he confessed to GQ.

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