Jennifer Aniston had a childhood problem that she discovered too late

The famous interpreter of Rachel in the series “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston, has confessed that she has suffered from a disorder since she was a child and discovered it when she was 20 years old.

He lived much of his life thinking he was not smart!

Brad Pitt’s ex has confessed that she suffers from dyslexia, a learning disorder characterized by causing difficulty in reading comprehension. The actress confesses that she always felt that she was not intelligent, that she was rather stupid and that caused her many problems in her acting career, since it was very difficult for her to learn the dialogues of her person, since she did not have the ability to memorize absolutely nothing and many times he did not fully understand what he was reading. “I just thought as a young man I was not smart and I struggled for years with that belief because I had a hard time memorizing things“he commented in an interview for the New York Post.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

In addition, he commented that in his high school years he did not do well for that reason, since he could not retain the information. This condition greatly affected the safety of the actress, who constantly doubted her abilities, not knowing that she suffered from a learning disability.

Because she had to make glasses for a shoot, the actress was able to discover what was the evil that affected her since her childhood, since a specialist was able to review her case. “I went thinking that I would have to wear glasses and it turned out that I left knowing that I was dyslexic”, He confessed, while he indicated how was the process to find his diagnosis“ They put special glasses on me, with a blue glass and a red one to read and then they asked me 10 questions about what I had read, “he said.” I only got three hits. He looked into my eyes with a computer that showed where my eyes were going when he read and found that my sight skipped four words and then went back two. They even detected that he had a lazy eye, “recalled the actress.

A complicated childhood

Although this diagnosis would have been discouraging for many people, for the actress it meant a respite from so much criticism, as she discovered an aspect of herself that she had ignored all her life. “I felt like all my childhood traumas, tragedies, dramas had been explained“Said the actress, while remembering how difficult her childhood had been when she believed herself to be unintelligent, while her mother, the actress Nancy dow, confirmed that misconception she had of herself.

Jennifer Aniston with her parents

Jennifer Aniston with her parents

The actress’s relationship with her mother was quite difficult, since for many years Jennifer did not feel up to it, she thought that she had not inherited her mother’s beauty, charisma or talent. Jennifer Aniston just wanted to enjoy her mother’s love, but instead only received harsh criticism from her, in addition to strong comparisons. Although the actress’s childhood was not easy at all, she has managed to overcome all adversities, becoming the great Hollywood star that she is today.

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