Filtered new weapon variants for Halo Infinite

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A recent leak confirmed that the weapon variants are back in Halo Infinite, and the best thing is that they are already available within the game, but you have to do a little trick to use them.

Thanks to the Twitter account, HaloNoticiasMX, players discovered the following variants and their differences:

  • Convergence bulldog: more bullets, less spread
  • MA40 AR Longshot – fewer bullets, better zoom
  • S7 Sniper Flexfire: more bullets, less accuracy
  • BR75 Pulse Carbine Breacher – Better Fire Speed
  • Volatile Skewer – Projectiles explode after contact

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To access them, it is necessary to start a custom game in Party mode and activate the arsenal platforms, but it is important that it is on an offline server. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the online variants at the moment.

According to HaloNoticiasMX, the new variants will appear in the Halo Infinite– However, it is not yet known if they will ever make it to competitive modes. In that sense, we will have to wait for 343 Industries to officially share information.

While the campaign is still a few days away, fans have been getting a lot out of multiplayer. Sadly, not all has been good news: the community is unhappy with the progression of the game. 343i has already promised to fix the problems but not before giving its developers a break. To see more information about Halo Infinite, follow this link.

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