Eugenio Derbez will be awarded for his success in Hollywood

Eugenio Derbez has a broad artistic career that began in Mexico, by participating in shows comedians on television. However years later he decided to make the big leap to Hollywood.

Although at first it took a lot of work to stand out in that industry, Eugenio little by little gained recognition, until he worked with stars such as Eva Longoria, Rob schneider and Adam Sandler.

That is why, thanks to his talent and all the efforts that have taken him to where he is now, the Mexican actor and comedian will be recognized with the Crossover award at the PRODU 2021 Awards,

These awards recognize the Latin talent who has triumphed in Hollywood and, according to the magazine ‘Variety’, Eugenio Derbez has become the most influential Hispanic man in the entertainment industry.

“With more than 38 years of experience and heir to great talent, Eugenio Derbez has managed to conquer with his professionalism, humor and wit, one of the most demanding markets in the American audiovisual, film and television industry,” says a statement. issued by the organizers of the awards ceremony.

In addition to becoming a benchmark in Mexican comedy, Eugenio Derbez has shown his versatility as a producer, director and also as an actor in the dramatic genre.

As part of his projects in the United States, the family comedy ‘No Returns Accepted’ (2013) stands out, which managed to raise $ 44.4 million, making it the highest grossing film in Spanish in history in the United States.

Through his production house 3Pas Studios, Derbez has also developed productions such as reality ‘On a trip with the Derbez’, which was very successful and brought out the talent that he inherited from his son Jose Eduardo Derbez.

In addition, he is also a producer of the series ‘LOL: Last One Laughing’, with which he won a Daytime Emmy, for Best Entertainment Program in Spanish.

This will be the fifth edition of the PRODU Awards, and the gala will be held on December 1 and 2 via streaming. where awards will be given in 39 categories that celebrate the best of the Hispanic audiovisual industry.

Later there will be a one-hour special on TV that will be broadcast on different channels in Latin America, the US and Spain.

The PRODU Awards were founded in Miami, Florida, in 1989, and the awards are awarded by 400 professional television juries, who seek to recognize excellence in Ibero-American production.

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