Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth enjoy a romantic vacation in Prague

Just a few days ago, we were witnesses of the Elsa Pataky’s return to Spain. The reason for his trip had to do with the delivery of an award for his professional career at the International Purebred Spanish Horse Show (SICAB), in Seville. Accompanied by her three children, her mother and a nanny, although without the presence of her husband, Chris Hemsworth, the actress enjoyed a few days in the country that saw her grow up and forge the beginnings of her unique career in the world of acting .

However, it did not take long for the family reunited. As their social networks have let us see, the couple, along with their little ones, have moved to Prague to, like two more tourists, get to know the city, as well as each of its corners, while taking the opportunity to be together and show off the complicity that they have always shown to have. Jokes, ice cream and most romantic photos are some of the things they have accomplished.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky pose on their social networks, during their vacation in Prague. (Instagram @elsapatakyconfidential)

The actors are making the most of this vacation despite the low temperatures typical of the capital of the Czech Republic. Although they live in Australia, near the sea, where the climate is usually much more pleasant, their respective professional careers have allowed them to travel to many parts of the globe, so they are more than used to all kinds of inclement weather. Dressed in coats, hats and gloves, the Spanish also opts for warm sneakers from the Gioseppo brand (of which she herself is an ambassador) and renounces going barefoot as usual in the place where she has her home.

With them, we can see her posing before the camera in a romantic snapshot starring with her husband. “When you find the perfect painting at the perfect moment!”, Write as the title of the painting; and it is that everything indicates that, while they were taking a pleasant family walk, they found an illustration on the wall of a couple kissing and, how could it be otherwise, they wanted to replicate this situation, giving a good example of the great moment in which your relationship is.

In the publication, the actress clarifies that this snapshot took place “after the ice cream” and that, moments before uploading it, it was Chris Hemsworth who shared a series of images joking with his wife who was staining her face while eating ice cream. “Here in Prague, I am grateful that my wife taught me her excellent European gastronomic skills,” wrote the protagonist of Thor, wasting humor. “You are adorable”, answered one of his fans.

The truth is that, after more than a decade together, Elsa and Chris keep having a great time and they know how to have fun. Last Halloween, for example, they did not hesitate to dress up, starring in the funniest images, to accompany their children in search of candy and enjoy the holiday surrounded by friends. One more sample that is added to the many that, during this year, they have given in their respective Instagram accounts denying the rumors that pointed to a breakup.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky pose on their social networks, during their vacation in Prague. (Instagram @elsapatakyconfidential)

It was at the beginning of the year when the existence of some photographs that then came to light triggered a series of reports that spoke of a supposed crisis. In these, the husband of Elsa Pataky accompanied by one of her co-stars from the movie she was shooting, Pom Klementieff. Although Chris and Pom have been good friends for years, the Australian press claimed that this friendship would have disturbed the Spanish actress.

Nothing is further from reality. In view is that idyllic life of which they have always boasted is still as standing as it did years ago. Combining their different professional commitments with their family life, the marriage always keeps a hole in their schedule to spend time alone and maintain long live the flame of his love.

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