Cruz Azul is in the Grand Final! Eliminate Tigres in the 2021 U-20 Apertura and fight for the title

Cruz Azul played Tigres with great authority in the party of Lap Semifinal of the U-20 category and obtained his reward: the ticket to the Grand Final of the Grita México Apertura 2021 Tournament, where he is already waiting for his rival to fight for the title after drawing 0-0 against the felines on the global scoreboard.


In an extremely exciting match from the court 1 of the La Noria facilities, the cement manufacturers managed to keep the royal team out, withstanding the onslaught of one of the best offensives of the contest and with the goal of Alfredo Cabins intact, so he will be fighting to bring one more trophy to the club’s windows.

During the first half, those led by Luis Orozco began dominating the match and they had a couple of chances before the feline arch from the first minutes of the game, however, they could not specify; the rest of the match was fairly even, as those from the north also threatened the door of the celestial archer on more than one occasion, but without consequences to regret.

For the complementary part, the theme was maintained, since Cruz Azul was close to breaking zero in the markingr on more than one occasion, but Tigers Nor did he sit idly by and did the same, even when the match It was already in the compensation time, the regios had the clearest opportunities and stayed very close to the goal, however, the celestial defense looked solid at all times and was able to avoid it.

In this way, Cruz Azul is already waiting in the Grand Final of the Apertura 2021 for his rival to fight for him qualification, which will come out of the duel of the other key of Semifinal between Santos and Atlas, in which the Warriors have an advantage by prevailing in the Go 1-0; the duel of Lap will be played this Sunday in Keep. If Santos advances, Ida’s match will be played in La Noria and the lap in the Laguna, but if the Foxes they give the surprise, the title would be defined at home.

This was the initial 11 of Cruz Azul:

Why did Cruz Azul advance to the Final with the draw against Tigres?

The reforms in the Liga MX regulation from this tournament indicate that the away goal will no longer be considered as a tiebreaker criterion in the League, so in case the global marker ends with tie, It will be the table position the one determined by the team that advances to the next phase.

Is so Cruz Azul managed to reach the appointment with an advantage over Tigres, because he managed to close the tap at the La Noria facilities, because was better placed in the standings, at the end of the Regular Phase as the second best team, only behind Santos, who also remains in the fight for the title.


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