Billie Eilish reveals a hidden nod to the original Bond in her song No time to die | Music

Billie eilish the song that would be the central theme of the film premiered more than a year and a half ago No time to die. The 25th film installment of the saga Bond It has not been released in theaters yet in the hope that the pandemic allows a worldwide launch in style. And during that time we had overlooked a small detail that we had not realized.

And it had to be the protagonist of the song herself who revealed it. The song created by Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas under the production of the own Finneas and Stephen Lipson with the guitar of Johnny marr and the orchestral arrangements of Hans Zimmer and Matt Dunkley it had such a subtle nod to the original Bond that until now it hadn’t been discovered.

The broken voice of the Californian, the sensual piano melody and the usual ups and downs of a song that will open the credits of the new installment of agent 007 hid behind the second verse a nod to the original music of the first installment of agent 007 at the service of his majesty.

“You can’t make a Bond song without it sounding like a Bond song. So if you listen carefully you can enjoy a brief sound of the original Bond at the beginning of the second verse,” the young American singer-songwriter explained to the franchise’s official podcast. Bond.

“It’s very subtle and has a lot of echoes. We decided to do it and include it. We recorded it in London and there was a version with and a version without. Finally Johnny played it on his guitar and we decided to leave it. It has some touches that will fry your brain. It’s exactly that. what the song needed right there “confessed Billie Eilish.

Next September 30 it will hit theaters No time to die and fans will be able to enjoy the new installment of agent James Bond. In this installment James Bond enjoys his retirement in Jamaica. However, his peace is shattered when his old CIA friend Felix Leiter comes to his aid. The rescue mission of a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond on the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous cutting-edge technology.

With a luxurious cast, led by Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris, the film has been directed by Cary Fukunaga and also has the interpretations of Ben Whishaw and Ana de Armas.

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