A celebrity personal trainer reveals his keys to losing weight: “I’m going to tell you everything”

Magnus Lygdback, who has worked with interpreters such as Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot to prepare their roles From ‘Batman’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ respectively, he has shared on his YouTube channel the five meals he makes every day. Although it will not be necessary to become a superhero, the personal trainer has listed a series of tips to put into practice to lose weight and lose weight, as published by Men’s Health.

“Today I’m going to tell everything I eat to try eliminate fat that my body does not need“, Lydgback himself has said at the beginning of the video.” Although my goal is not to lose weight, these habits contribute to weight loss. “Magnus has indicated that he follows five meals: breakfast, what he calls the first ‘snack ‘, lunch, the second’ snack ‘(or afternoon snack) and dinner.

To start the day, he usually prepares a three or four egg omelette to which he adds salt, pepper, cheese and pesto in small quantities. In the opinion of the personal trainer, the breakfast he proposes is “healthy” and encourages protein instead of calories. After taking what is the first meal of the day, pour some powder for a protein shake into a jar. “In three or four hours, when I’m hungry, I’ll add water and have my drink.”

A “super green” dish

Remember that “this is a way to get protein without adding carbohydrates or fat to the body.” Although Lygdback takes a shake as the first ‘snack’ (meal between meals), he insists that it is not mandatory to opt for a drink of this type. It is equally valid to take a piece of fruit or an infusion. The water will keep the stomach full for longer and delay the onset of appetite.

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The confidential

Magnus drinks this shake after a training session with a client and before working out his own body in the gym. To prepare it, all you need is to mix the powders with a little water, which has no fat or carbohydrates. “I know exactly what I am taking”, says the trainer.

At lunchtime, he begins to prepare a dish that he calls “super green.” It is a salad that he makes himself with arugula, spinach, carrot, avocado and cucumber. You usually combine these ingredients with nuts and smoked salmon. Although it is seasoned with a common product in salads such as oil, also squeeze lemon juice.

The trainer remembers that the amount of salmon “will vary depending on the weight of the person.” It’s interesting consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting any diet. With the help of a professional, it will be easier for each individual to know which foods facilitate weight loss and, above all, what is the ideal amount.

Configure your own feed

The second ‘snack’ of the day, which coincides with what is commonly known as the snack, consists of a skimmed Greek yogurt with walnuts. Magnus flavors this mixture with cinnamon, a spice that “sweetens” and avoids the consumption of sugars, an ingredient that many specialists advise against consuming in excess when losing weight.

Last is dinner, and in this case Lygdback cooks “for the whole family.” On this occasion, he prepares “broccoli, brussels sprouts and sweet potato” in the oven, a garnish that Accompanies some grilled beef steaks. Unlike the food, this time it uses avocado oil and balsamic vinegar for the preparation.

“I don’t limit myself to food or follow a diet”

“Sweet potatoes are mainly for children, I’m going to have Brussels sprouts and broccoli mainly,” he says. While leaving the vegetables in the oven, put the beef fillets on the grill. You are aware that not everyone consumes red meat, so advises to accompany the garnish of chicken, tofu or fish.

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The confidential

“You can also do that. Remember that the important thing is eating foods that are a source of protein, like vegetables. “Once the five meals are finished, he recapitulates saying that” I do not limit myself when choosing products or following a diet. “He considers that” it is more of a philosophy “and that” everyone can eat healthy and slim down”.

Repeat, again, that it is not necessary to follow the advice he shares to the letter: “you have to find what works best for you. You know your body better than I do. “In short, to lose weight it will be interesting to eat regularly with foods that promote protein instead of calories.

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