$ 680,000 is spent on a casino game with fictitious prizes

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A woman has been found guilty on 25 counts of fraud for using her position as director of a veteran hospital to steal about $ 680,000. The defendant spent all the money on an online gambling game that did not award real money.

As reported ABCRachel Naomi Perri, a native of Tasmania, Australia, appeared at the trial charged with 25 counts of online fraud and one of fraud. According to the documents presented at the hearing, the defendant carried out 475 fraudulent transactions in the three years (2016-2019) who spent as director of the hospital, during which she stole 940,000 Australian dollars (680,000 US dollars or just over 600,000 euros).

Apparently, the defendant carried out these robberies because she was addicted to the Heart of Vegas game. It so happens that I haveart of Vegas is not a real gambling portal or a real online casino, but a game that simulates arcade machines and whose prizes are awarded in the game’s own fictitious currency. In other words, no matter how much real money you used to buy in-game currency, the game’s prizes would never get your investment back. In fact, this particular is perfectly clarified in the terms and conditions of the game:

The games are intended for an adult audience. The game does not offer real prizes or any opportunity to win real money. Practice or success playing Heart of Vegas does not imply knowledge or success at real casino games.

Perri, what has been diagnosed with a disorder severe addiction. She also spent $ 30,000 on her husband’s credit card without his knowledge. He also applied for different credit cards and bank loans that only added to his financial problem. The defendant pleaded guilty to all charges and commented that she knew that one day there would be a knock on her door.

Interestingly, the hospital seesteaThe clerk where she worked did not realize the losses until she changed director, at which point they began to discover irregular transactions in which small deposits were made in various checking accounts and credit cards in the name of the defendant. The judge will issue a sentence next month.


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