Zöe Kravitz is enchanted by Robert Pattinson’s Batman

The Batman, which is only a few months away from its release, will delve into an internal struggle of its protagonist, according to the official synopsis just published.

The batman, the best known detective of all, is also the most beloved antihero. Since its inception, attempts have been made to bring the character to the big screen in one way or another. Despite some unsuccessful attempts, the producers do not give up and continue to strive for it. Stars like Adam west, Michael Keaton, Christian bale or Ben affleck.

Now to carry on the legacy, Robert Pattinson is preparing for the premiere of his solo film as Bruce wayne. The film is now finished, awaiting its debut. However, there is still much that is unknown about the plot.

However, what was known more was of its protagonist, because Zöe Kravitz, which will give life to Catwoman was expressed about the actor. In her words, the actress highly praised the work that the interpreter has done.

Rob is perfect for this role. It was amazing. His transformation was out of this world”, Mentioned the artist, who also added:“[El director] Matt Reeves has a lot of heart and cares a lot about these characters. I’m so excited that he can go on vacation because he deserves it. I hope the fans like it because we work a lot on it”.

On the other hand, the actress mentioned how was her first encounter with the role and, also, with Pattinson.

It was basically my audition since Robert was confirmed. So I was really nervous because they gave me a helmet and I had to take it off and make a scene, but it’s hard to look good doing that. I thought ‘I lost the paper for the helmet”, He concluded.

The tape will feature the direction of Matt reeves. In addition, accompanying Pattinson in the cast, they will be Zöe Kravitz What Catwoman, Colin farrell What The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot, Paul Dano What The Riddler / Edward Nashton, Andy Serkis What Alfred Pennyworth and Jeffrey Wright What James Gordon. For its part, John turturro will give life to the mafia boss, Carmine falcone. All these names will be visible on the screen from March 4, 2022.

Source: Variety

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