Why is Will Smith dead in Chris Pratt’s Amazon Prime Video Movie Tomorrow’s War?

MADRID, July 7 (CulturaOcio) –

The war of tomorrow, Chris Pratt’s latest film, presents a future 2051 in which Earth has been invaded by some aliens known as the White Spikes. Thanks to a technology known as telesalto, the inhabitants of that year are able to recruit soldiers from the past to help them in the contest.

A not very encouraging future that becomes even worse if one takes into account that in it, as the film reveals, Will Smith is dead.


In a scene from the film, in which recruits from the past arrive in Miami, Charlie, one of Chris Pratt’s teammates remarks: “Good thing Will Smith isn’t alive to see this“.

The phrase is a direct reference to the film Independence Day, in which Smith played Steve Hiller, a captain in the United States Navy who also had to face an alien invasion to save humanity.

Beyond the wink that, in a way, recognizes the similarity between the plot of both films, there are also some parallels between the careers of Will Smith and Chris Pratt. They both started on television with comedic roles, the first in The prince of Bel Air and the second with political satire Parks and Recreation.

Later, the two also made the leap to action cinema, in the case of Smith with the blockbuster Independence day, which was the movie that raised the most money at its premiere in 1996, while Pratt became Starlord, the protagonist of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy.

How the actor of Men in Black died is not explained in The War of Tomorrow, although it is possible to imagine that his death occurred sometime prior to 2051 and quite possibly before the conflict began, judging by the words of Pratt’s partner.

Tomorrow’s war, led by Chris McKay and starring Chris Pratt, is available now on Amazon Prime Video.

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