Why has Katy Perry never received a Grammy?


The singer left some interesting statements for the portal of Variety.

Last week we learned the names of the nominees for the Latin Grammy and, among the favorites, we can find well-known faces such as those of Camilo, C. Tangana and Juan Luis Guerra.

If we continue talking about awards that have the recognition of the public and specialized critics, we should also mention the Billboard, the MTV Video Music Awardyes, the American Music Awards but … you know what? Katy Perry won them all, except the coveted Grammy. So why doesn’t the artist get one? The singer has been at the foot of the canyon for 13 years but the Grammy it continues to resist him.

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom // Getty

Katy Perry’s nominations in various categories of Grammy Awards they can be counted on both hands. She has been nominated for projects such as I Kissed a Girl, Teenage dream, PRISM and Dark horse, among many others. However, he has never won a single victory.

The subject is not new, but it has been brought to the fore by some statements that Perry herself made for the magazine Variety. The artist stars on the cover of Power of Women of the entertainment portal.

During the Interview, Katy Perry did not cut a hair and made it clear that he cares little about winning a Grammy at this stage: “I’ve been nominated 13 times and to be honest, I always rely on numbers and they don’t lie. And I’m fine with that. Everyone has an opinion and that’s wonderful, but numbers are numbers. Mathematics is sacred. “

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