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Celebrities fight each other, but unlike the rest, their differences are often aired in the media, despite themselves or to advertise for free. Here is an account of epic battles, worthy of a Hollywood script! These are some of the most famous celebrity fights.

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Celebrity fights

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton

In 2000, Paris Hilton established a new type of celebrity: that of wealthy heiresses whose greatest talent was arriving at a party without getting lost. Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie were part of that circle, which was later joined by Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Hilton got into a fight with everyone. Over the years he smoothed out rough spots, but not with the redhead.

Their dispute began when the actress began dating the former Parisian millionaire Stavros Niarchos III; then followed embarrassing moments, like when Hilton said that Lohan had sneaked in the famous photo of Britney and her in a car.

The latest snub? On Watch What Happens Live, Hilton said the actress was “pathetic and sorry for others”.

Madonna vs. Elton John

The two got along until 2002, when Elton said that the song Madonna contributed to Die Another Day was “the worst subject ever made for James Bond movies”.
Not only that: when she was nominated for the Best Concert of that year by Q Magazine, the singer accused her of lip-syncing, in addition to ensuring that the diva looked like “a stripper past years.”

After hating each other for a decade, they were both nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 2012.

On that occasion, he said that Madonna had no chance, an affront that she avenged by winning the award and organizing, weeks later, a post-Oscar party to ruin Elton’s traditional event.

That same year, the musician regretted his words and she dedicated a song to him at a concert. They have not returned to star in new fights, but they are not close.

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Kim Cattrall vs. Sarah Jessica Parker

Let me make this clear (if I haven’t already). You are not my family. You’re not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you for the last time to stop exploiting our tragedy to look like a lovable girl”.

This is what Cattrall wrote to Parker on her Instagram after she offered her condolences on the death of her brother. And so Sex and the City fans discovered that Carrie and Samantha actually hated each other. The reason? Money.

Kim never understood why Sarah Jessica earned three times more than her and this infuriated her. When the show came to an end and Parker cried that she would never see her co-stars again every day, Kim’s response was cold.if I miss them I will put the DVD, like anyone”.

Ryan Gosling vs. Rachel McAdams

Despite the passion they projected in The Notebook (2004), Ryan and Rachel were not tolerated. He even tried to get the actress out of the project. This was revealed by Nick Cassavetes, director of the film, in an interview for VH1.

In the middle of a scene with Rachel, Ryan said if he could bring another actress”, He commented. And in front of his co-star, Gosling did not hesitate to reply that he would no longer film with him.

The astonished Cassavetes, who could well be a therapist, devised a solution to smooth things over: an ‘intervention’. He, the actors, and a producer locked themselves in a room to talk; when the screaming started, they were left alone.

In the end, Rachel was able to vent about Ryan’s rudeness, and he must have recognized the passion with which she defended her work. Thus, the chemistry that the film needed arose to such a level that its protagonists began a four-year romance. They parted ways on good terms and have stated that they would love to work together again.

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Famous fights of the Golden Cinema

In the golden age of cinema, there were real superstars with overwhelming personalities and very bad tempers. Therefore, it was not uncommon for egos to collide.


I got married first, I won the Oscar before and yes, I die first, surely he will be outraged because I will also have beaten him in that”.

This is what Joan said about her sister, Olivia. In their childhood they competed for maternal love; years later, for the leading roles. Fontaine died in 2013 and de Havilland, 103, is a living legend.


Her legendary hatred reached its worst in 1962, during the filming of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane ?, when Bette had a Coke dispenser placed on set, knowing that Joan was married to a Pepsi executive.

It was a rivalry fostered by the movie studios and they fell into the trap.


His problem started on the set of Guys and Dolls (1955) because Sinatra believed he should play the role of Brando. Frank behaved in the worst way during filming; Marlon was not far behind and thus an epic rivalry was born.

In the following years, the singer would take advantage of his concerts to speak ill of the actor from The Godfather.


They met during the pre-production of Some Like It Hot (1959), they had a brief affair, they ended badly and each would talk badly about the other for the rest of their days. Especially the not chivalrous Tony, who when airing intimacies of his relationship with Marilyn went so far as to say that kissing her was like “kiss hitler”.

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