Was John Coffey really the killer?

Unexpected miracles

Paul: John, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to let you get away and see how far you can go?

John: Why would you do something so silly, boss?

Paul: On my judgment day, when I stand before God and ask me why I killed… one of his true miracles, what am I going to say to him? What was my job?

Year: 1999.

Duration: 3h 9m.

Gender: Crime, fantasy, drama.

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Unexpected miracles, or by its title in English The green mile. It is based on the novel by Stephen King, published in Spanish as The Green Mile. Written, produced and directed by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption).

Starring a great cast, as they are, Tom Hanks (Finch), Michael Clarke Duncan (Sin city). David morse (The Odd Life of Timothy Green). Bonnie hunt (Zootopia). James Cromwell (Emperor). Sam rockwell (Richard Jewell). Michael Jeter (The polar Express). Graham greene (Shadow Wolves). Doug hutchison (I Am Sam). Barry pepper (Trigger Point) Jeffrey DeMunn (Marshall). And Dabbs Greer (Little Giants).

John Coffey, was he really the killer?

The story is centered on the late 1920s, where we see the last days of John Coffey’s life. (Michael Clarke Duncan), a robust, tall and very strong man of color who is accused of murdering two little girls.

John is the new inmate on Death Row in Alabama Death Row (The green Mile). This place is named like that, because it is where the guilty and sentenced to death await to be executed.

However, John’s way of being is different from what is expected of a murderer and sentenced to death. John is gentle, nervous and friendly. But not only that, he has a gift, the gift of healing people.

Chief Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks), you are a man who has a urinary infection. He begins to take an interest in John by not being your typical prisoner. After getting closer to John and getting to know him better, John will heal him with his gift, as well as showing him who really murdered the girls through a vision. But Paul won’t be able to do anything to prove Paul’s innocence.

During the time that John is in prison awaiting his end, he will have to deal with several personalities, including Brutus. (David Morse), the second in command and close friend of Paul.

Harry Terwilliger (Jeffrey DeMunn), He does believe that John is guilty. Dean stanton (Barry Pepper), the youngest of the jailers and the one who most cares that the jail is okay.

Percy wetmore (Doug Hutchison)He is a coward and always seeks to take advantage of any situation by being the nephew of the state governor. Hal moores (James Cromwell), director of the prison, upon learning of John’s gift, asks him to cure the brain tumor that his wife Melinda has (Patricia Clarkson). And John cures her.

Eduard better known as Del (Michael Jeter), He is French and befriends John Coffey. Arlen bitterbuck (Gaham Greene), Native American, who after being assassinated will return to the time where he was really happy. Mr. Jingles, a little mouse who causes trouble in prison.

And the wild Bill (Sam Rockwell), a murderer with psychotic problems and a fan of wild old west stories.

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John Coffey, was he really the killer?

This film, more than talking about the miracles that a man can perform, talks about how one man can change the lives of many people. But, above all, it deals with appearances and how they can lead to injustices.

Unexpected Miracles is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Link. And Apple TV. Link. And if you are interested in this type of theme, we recommend Billy Elliot.

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