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Not a week has passed since the original method for clone Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shimmering Pearl And a new even faster method has already been discovered, which does not take up in-game money and which also allows you to clone Pokémon 3 by 3.

Like the original method, this new method allows you to clone Pokémon along with their items. In addition, you will occupy a trash Pokémon (you will lose it) for each Pokémon you want to clone. Next, the tutorial:

We recommend disabling autosave before attempting a clone glitch. So you can practice several times calmly to master the method.

Upgrade: An improvement to this method has been discovered that allows you to clone Pokémon from 6 to 6. We explain the difference at the end of the tutorial.

1- Go next to a place that has tall grass, we recommend route 201.

2- Place three Pokémon you want to clone in the top three positions of your team, followed by three other junk Pokémon to be used as sacrifices.

3- Go to the data screen of the first Pokémon and press the buttons ZL, ZR and A. NOTE: this part may require some practice, you do not have to press them exactly at the same time, if not in order, but as fast as possible.

4- Press B three times and you will see something like the image below; the main menu of the game will be on the backpack. If you see this, it means you did the glitch right. If not, it means that you didn’t press the buttons from the previous step well. Retry.

5- Press B four times and you will see that you will be back in the main menu of the game. However, there is something different. You can move, even if the menu is open!

6- While you have the menu open, move to the tall grass and move until you find a wild Pokémon. You will notice that the main menu is still open while the combat takes place in the background.

7- At this time you will simultaneously control the combat menu and the main menu. In the main menu, select Pokémon, go to your boxes and move the three Pokémon you want to clone to boxes.

8- Exit your boxes by pressing B, then close the main menu while you continue in the same combat by pressing B. Now you can choose to escape from the combat against the wild Pokémon.

9- Done. Glitch completed. When checking your boxes you will notice that you have cloned all three Pokémon along with their items.

UPDATE: Clone 6 Pokémon at once

An improvement to this method has been discovered that allows you to clone 6 Pokémon at a time. First we recommend you to practice and master the original method described above.

The only modification that needs to be done to clone 6 Pokémon is that you will have your team completely full of the Pokémon you want to clone. Then, in glitched combat, open your boxes and swap a Sacrifice Pokémon from your boxes to the Pokémon on your team that you want to clone. You can repeat this process for all 6 Pokémon on your team. And ready! The rest of the instructions are the same.

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