Tom Cruise’s watches in the Mission Impossible saga

Now if we arrive with the G-Shock. East DW-6900 It is also a classic of the house that in the same way evokes the past to the 2000s with its simple but revolutionary design for the time, looking more daring than others with a focus on minimalist technology. Of course, its main characteristic is the resistance of the G-Shock, with water resistance of up to 200 meters and the classic functionalities of the line of Casio. The black makes it look quite stylish and it is worth mentioning that the price is not high at all.

Mission Impossible 3 (2006) – Casio G-Shock MTG-910D

Casio G-Shock MTG-910D (Version with blue)Courtesy

Although we quite like most of the watches on this list, this is the only one we would leave out. East G-Shock perhaps it fit perfectly with the time and style of the tape, being sporty, with a larger digital screen, and even self-reloading technology. However, the design has not aged very well and now it seems too dated plus there have been other G-Shock most striking of that time that maintain their level of iconic. We would leave this behind, although perhaps some are still attracted to it.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) – Tudor Heritage Chronograph

Tudor Heritage ChronographCourtesy

In this point, Ethan hunt walked away from Casio for some haute horlogerie and what we have is this perfect Tudor sport that maintains a sophisticated look while offering sporty options in a more subtle way. The black red and silver combination has not failed anyone, and this one implements them to their best. In this film the change was made as Hunt leaves the field missions behind a bit and focuses on infiltrating a criminal organization. Another piece that makes Tom Cruise a style icon.

Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) – CWC GS Sonar Watch

CWC GS Sonar WatchCourtesy

Possibly one of our favorites on the list. This is a traditional piece of CWC, with a vintage look, with a rather elegant satin matte stainless steel case that wraps the white dial with unique red and black. Every detail of this piece seems designed with caution and, as you can imagine, it is not very cheap or easy to get.

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