This is the face that you get when you win a raffle to go to space

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Virgin Galactic prepares to return to space (or what they consider space) with the VSS Unity space plane. Richard Branson’s company, which regained his permit to fly in September, does not expect to take off again until 2022, but has already announced two of its next crew.

In this funny video starring Branson himself, Virgin Galactic surprises an Antigua and Barbuda personal trainer with the news that she will go into space with a companion. Keisha Schahaff is the first winner of a raffle organized by Virgin and Omaze to raise funds for Space for Humanity, a non-profit organization that aims to democratize access to space for people of diverse origins.

Keisha chose her daughter, an astrophysics student, as her chaperone. Both will enjoy excellent views of the curvature of the Earth and about five minutes of microgravity aboard the VSS Unity, a SpaceShipTwo-class space plane. They will also become the first people from Antigua and Barbuda, and the first women from the Caribbean, to fly into space.

2021 ushered in the new era of private space missions for tourists, with Richard Branson and Jeff bezos as first travelers in their respective aerospace companies, and with the Inspiration 4 mission, which spent three days orbiting Earth, as SpaceX’s first civilian flight, the company by Elon Musk. 2022 promises to bring even more tourists into space, but only a few lucky ones will be able to afford the trip (or win a free seat).


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