This is how the playoffs went to the Qatar World Cup 2022

Everything ready for Qatar 2022. This Friday morning carried out the draw to know how the UEFA and Intercontinental playoffs will be between Concacaf, Conmebol, AFC (Asia) and OFC (Oceania).

There are 12 teams in the Old Continent that are looking for one of the three places that remain for the fair, so they will be measured in three keys to know the classified:

Scotland vs Ukraine and Wales vs Austria, the winners will look for the ticket

Russia vs Polina and Sweden vs Czech Republic, the winners will fight to qualify

And the most interesting key is undoubtedly that of: Italy vs North Macedonia and Portugal vs Turkey, so there would be a possible confrontation between Portuguese and Azurri looking to go to Qatar 2022.

For its part, Concacaf will face Ocenía, as happened in 2014, when Mexico beat New Zealand; Conmebol will play against Asia.

Qatar 2022 World Playoff Draw LIVE:

AFC (Asia) will face Conmebol and Concacaf against OFC (Oceania) that will be played in June next year.

The intercontinental playoffs are coming: Concacaf, Conmebol, Oceania and Asia.

The winners of Semifinals 1 and 2 will be measured by one ticket; like Sem 3 and 4; And it will be the same case for Semis 5 and 6, so in case of winning their first game Portugal and Italy would be measured by the ticket to Qatar 2022, where the Portuguese would be local.

Semifinal 6: Portugal vs Turkey

Semifinal 5: Italy vs North Macedonia

Semifinal 4: Sweden vs Czech Republic

Semifinal 3: Russia vs Poland

Semifinal 2: Wales vs Austria

Semifinal 1: Scotland vs Ukraine

Presenting Pot 2: Turkey, Poland, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic.

Presenting Pot 1: Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Wales.

Now they present the teams that have already qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Qatar, Serbia, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Argentina and Brazil.

Gianni Infantino appears on the screen: “Welcome to the draw. It is a privilege to have them here, we are going to see the playoffs heading to Qatar 2022. Good luck to all, “he said.

The transmission begins: Today the repechage crosses heading to Qatar 2022 will be known

The event starts at 10:00 AM (Central Mexico time)

Who are in the playoffs heading to Qatar 2022?

This Friday, November 26, the teams looking for a last chance to go to the Qatar World Cup 2022 they will know their luck. At 10:00 AM (Central Mexico time) the expected event starts.

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Concacaf, as has happened for two World Cup cycles, will have to face a selection from another confederation. In 2014, Mexico was the one who had to fight for the pass in this instance and it was his turn against New Zealand of Oceania.

For the 2018 Russia fair, Honduras played the repechage. On that occasion they faced Australia, which belongs to Asia and unfortunately for the catrachos, they fell 3-1.

For 2022, a raffle will be held where we will know the crosses that Conmebol, Concacaf, AFC (Asia) and OFC (Oceania) will have. At this time, Peru would be fighting for the position on the part of South America and Panama within our confederation.

Rejection towards Qatar 2022 European

Not only will the intercontinental destination be known, also this Friday, UEFA will have its draw. There are 12 teams from the Old Continent that will be looking to fight those last three tickets.

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Austria, Scotland, Wales, Italy (champion of the European Championship), North Macedonia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine, are the teams classified for the play-offs of the Qatar World Cup 2022.


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