The viral photo that “proves” that Nicolas Cage is a vampire

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Ghosts, werewolf, and even the belief that the actor Nicolas Cage he is a vampire. The social networks harbor theories about Paranormal phenomena and Halloween myths which, despite how crazy they may seem, have become one of the most entrenched forms of misinformation.

On the internet they are published every day fantastic explanations to daily events or historical events, narratives that come to life with force on the eve of All Saints in Spain, on the night of Halloween that is celebrated in the Anglo-Saxon world or the Day of the Dead from Mexico.

Despite its grotesque nature, some of these theories have a significant influence, according to what several sociological studies reveal.

Werewolves, haunted houses and zombies

In the context of the misinformation generated by covid-19 vaccines, highlights a viralized falsehood in Bolivia who claimed that those who receive injections of these drugs turn into werewolves who devour human beings.

Deception is one of many that stem from the lie that these drugs modify the genome of the vaccinated, denied on numerous occasions by health authorities, medical experts and verifiers.

Another incredible claim popularized on the internet is that Nicolas Cage it’s a immortal vampireAfter an antiques dealer claimed that he asked for a million dollars on eBay for an 1870 photograph of a man who closely resembles the actor.

Cage himself humorously denied the theory in an interview on London’s television show. David letterman.

On Facebook or YouTube There are also very widespread publications with supposed evidence of spectral manifestations.

The perception that a place can be possessed by spirits from beyond is the paranormal belief more widespread among the citizens of USA, according to a 2018 study by Chapman University.

The aforementioned research indicates that 58% of those surveyed think that this possibility is real.

This analysis of paranormal beliefs is part of a survey on the fears of Americans, conducted by the same Chapman University, which in its edition this year indicates that 9.3% of the thousand respondents in the whole country believe in ghosts and zombies.

Paranormal beliefs

This broad support may be due to the difficulty of science to disprove hypotheses based on paranormal phenomena.

Defining the boundaries between science and pseudoscience is a century-old philosophical debate known as “the demarcation problem”.

In the specific case of explanations that resort to paranormal causes, the complication is that “prove the non-existence of something“It is” impossible “for” reason “, explains to EFE Miguel Vásquez, professor of Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid.

They are arguments linked to “forms of belief“That are” on the fringes of reason, “says Vásquez.

On the contrary, the rejection of the existence of ghosts is due to “practicality of life”, To knowledge based on experience that they are not real, without the need for the endorsement of science.

“Nobody asks a quantum physicist if ghosts exist at CERN (laboratory of the European Organization for Nuclear Research), in Switzerland”, because that would be equivalent to asking “questions of medieval philosophy in a particle accelerator”, whose experiments they cost “Thousands million euros”.

For its part, Lars Arthur Tump, researcher at the Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Leuven (Belgium), abounds in the fact that the statements about paranormal phenomena They cannot be refuted with scientific criteria does not mean that they are true.

In this sense, Tump quotes a passage from “The world and its demons: science as a light in the dark”, By Carl Sagan, in which the well-known astrophysicist points out that the“inability to override“A hypothesis” is not at all the same as proving it true. “

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