The UPL seeks its place

This weekend seems quite loaded with political information with different calls at the national, provincial and regional levels, but in all with an important Leonese accent.

In the first place, during the afternoon of today and the morning of Saturday, a national meeting of provincial presidents of the Popular Party will take place in León. An unprecedented appointment that undoubtedly means that León matters far beyond our region for national parties. In that meeting, without a doubt, a question to the leaders of the PP, will be directed towards the Leonese identity that some manifest in rupturist aspirations with the Community that hosts us and others show as a historical pride, but with their eyes set on the real problems and future challenges.

On the other hand, the Socialists will celebrate from today until Sunday, their own regional congress in which, without fear of failure and overcoming all discouragement, Luis Tudanca will once again direct the plans of the PSOE of Castilla y León, with the dream of power to become president of the Board at some point in his life, either “civilly or militarily.”

The Leonese socialist delegation is ready to start some holder that it can use to sell on its land that they are the most vindictive with León, our aspirations and our identity. It is striking that these demands remain in simple staging, when the mayor of León himself, the socialist Diez, has had to go under the protection of the popular parliamentarians to make demands on his own party in the form of amendments to the General Budgets of the State. Things of politics …

For its part, the UPL also celebrates its General Congress tomorrow, with a topic on the table that is hotter than the simple election of its representatives. I am referring to the debate on the health of the government pact in the provincial council with the Socialist Party, based on a 24-point agreement, to which the PSOE committed but which is still far from being completed.

The UPL looks around and realizes that, as the claims of the other parties about our region become more and more explicit and unequivocal, its electoral gap is increasingly reduced, so that, in order to stand out, some of its leaders have to radicalize their discourse more and more and unfortunately, towards positions more to the radical left.

In the Diputación de León they have a chance to win that role by breaking the pact, but they are not sure of doing so. They are comfortable being the crutch of the PSOE and still wanting it, they have doubts about the final decision of their deputy Matías Llorente, that as if it were Tom Hanks from Cabreros del Río, he already stars in his own movie ‘Saving soldier Morán’ .

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