The day that Gael García Bernal was unfaithful to Natalie Portman with Dolores Fonzi

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Natalie Portman is currently married to Benjamin Millepied, but for years she was linked with many other industry players such as Hayden Christensen, Lukas Haas, Jude Law and Adam Levine, but the only one who was “confirmed” was the Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal with whom he met in 2003. With 25 years and a successful career, the Israeli fell in love, not knowing that just two summers ago, the actor had already had chemistry with Dolores, with whom he connected during the filming of “Private Lives”. Some time later, and with this information in his possession, to the beloved interpreter of Mathilda It was very easy for her to guess that her boyfriend was being unfaithful to her, and with whom he was being unfaithful, when Bernal had to return to Argentina in 2007 to record “Last”.

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Upon arriving at Buenos Aires, Natalie Portman began a journey accompanied by the paparazzi, which ended at the restaurant where he found out he was having dinner Gael, where he discovered that he was not alone, since Fonzi he was her companion. The photography that circulates on the Internet is the moment in which Portman He left the establishment, without looking back.

The relationship between Dolores Fonzi and Gael García Bernal lasted many years and currently they have two children in common, Libertad and Lázaro live for a time with her and another with her father. Dolores is in a relationship with the director Santiago Miter (The Cordillera, The Student, Carancho, White Elephant), while the Mexican is expecting a child from his partner Fernanda Aragonés (journalist and writer of culture and fashion).

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