the creators of Pokémon GO create an app that makes it happen

If you combine one of the most popular titles of all time like Pokémon GO with a market like that of bitcoin, the result is called Fold AR. This is the name of the application that have created from Niantic in collaboration with Fold, a company specialized in obtaining bitcoin.

In what Fold calls a step into the metaverse, Fold AR allows users to get bitcoins and profits by interacting with the physical environment. “This is the easiest and most fun way to get your first bit of bitcoin,” explains Will Reeves, CEO of Fold at the announcement.

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One of the points that stand out from Fold is the accessibility to this market, facilitating it “for anyone, regardless of their education or technical experience.” Of course, here we will not find a Charizard hanging around a corner or gyms, but there will be particular objects to discover, collect bitcoins and win prizes.

We will find different cubes that are generated every 10 minutes with distances between 1 and 15 meters. After hitting them, we will receive Satoshis, a form of award with different values ​​with respect to the dollar or the corresponding currency.

Fold AR Pokémon GO

From Niantic itself they also celebrate this movement. “Working with Fold, who has always been at the forefront of making bitcoin accessible, it’s a perfect collaboration for Niantic and a great occasion for augmented reality“. Fold AR was launched on November 23 in beta from the Fold app and only a small number of users can access it with a limited time per day.

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