“Sometimes I would vomit after an orgasm”

  • Will Smith confesses that after his first partner cheated on him, he went through a period of unhealthy “rampant sex” That affected their way of relating.
  • The actor and singer recognizes in his biography that he wanted to have a harem of women in which it included Halle berry.
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    The Biography recently published from Will Smith It has become an immediate best-seller success due to the actor’s revelations. Rapper from Philadelphia (United States) has counted in his memories a whole series of unpublished confessions among which is his complicated relationship with the sex after his first partner cheated on him and sought solace from multiple women.

    “I have always needed a woman to approve me”, writes Will Smith in a book that covers from his complicated childhood to his particular open relationship with Jada Smith, with whom he has two children. With 53 years, the artist seems to have learned from his mistakes and from a tantric sex advisor, although he does not forget his troubled past.


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    According to the actor of ‘Seven souls’, the starting point for his stormy relationships came when when he returned from a tour he discovered that his first girlfriend had been unfaithful to him. “I desperately needed relief, but since there is no heartbreak pill and I have resorted to homeopathic remedies and wild sex“He recalls a period when he had multiple relationships with numerous women after his courtship with the only woman in his life ended.

    During that phase, Will Smith recalls, sex became insane. “I hadn’t had sex with a woman other than Melanie, but over the next few months I became a hyena“He explains.” I had sex with so many women and it was so unpleasant for me that I developed a psychosomatic reaction to having an orgasm. He could literally gag and sometimes even throw up“, recognizes the protagonist of ‘In search of happiness’.

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    Another important factor in how your relationship with sex has changed is your relationship with Jada smith, whom he met when they were both in their twenties and with whom he has also experienced an evolution during his 26 years as a couple with a marriage sealed in 1997.


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    Actually, it all started with sex as the protagonist. “BWe drank and had sex several times a day for four consecutive months. I started to wonder if it was a competition“, writes the actor of ‘I’m legend’ about their beginnings together in ‘Will’.

    The relationship has suffered ups and downs and although they broke up for a time, they regained life as a couple with a publicly open relationship. “Jada has never believed in a conventional marriage. Some members of your family have unconventional relationships. She grew up in a different way than me, “explained one of the protagonists of ‘Men in Black’.

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    On the other hand, Will Smith admits that he had to learn to overcome some sexual thoughts thanks to a s consultant.exo tantric and various rituals with ayahuasca in Peru. Until then, as the author has acknowledged, even I wanted to have a kind of harem of women who with celebrities like Halle Berry.

    “What I did was clear my mind, let me know that it is okay to be who I am and to be who I am. It doesn’t make me a bad person to be married and think Halle (Berry) is pretty. In my mind, because of my Christian upbringing, even my thoughts were sins, “recently revealed the man who rose to fame with ‘The prince of Bel Air’.

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