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Sofia Vergara going to meet 50 years with the satisfaction of having ventured into various facets of entertainment. Started as model in her native Barranquilla, Colombia and is now a actress and host consolidated in the United States.

“(I have lived) congratulations, a lot of work, bad moments and some disappointments,” says the actress, who became famous worldwide with the character of Gloria Delgado-Prichett on the Serie of comedy Modern family.

In its career feels satisfied, especially because from her production company, Latin World Entertainment, has succeeded in expanding Latino voices through series What Maradona: Blessed dream or Griselda, your next project that will come to Netflix and where she will play the godmother of cocaine Griselda Blanco.

“Reaching 50 I think there is nothing I need to do professionally. I love the entertainment business which now seems very important to me; we saw it during the pandemic that people saw movies and television, something we didn’t realize was there. And Koati is part of that desire to do something different and show Latinos that we can move forward Projects they are not easy ”, he acknowledges.

Sofia Vergara she can boast what few, her marked accent when speaking English gave her a stamp that distinguishes her, four-time Emmy nominee by Modern family, was sworn to America’s got talent and in 2020 it became the actress highest paid in the world, above Angelina Jolie or Meryl Streep.

But none of that has distanced her from her roots, which is why when she received the script for Koati, animated film set in the Amazon rainforest, Vergara not only agreed to participate as the voice of the villainous serpent Zaina, but also became involved as a producer on the film.

The scriptwriters they had done a beautiful job to recreate this life of animals, something very exotic that the world has not really seen in the way we show it here ”, the actress responds to The Sun of Mexico.

East draft It seemed like an option to bring closer and show children who have lived their entire childhood in the United States, the nature of their roots. But also “an opportunity to use Latin talent in the movie, to give work to all this spectacular talent that many times we cannot use ”.

Koati follow the story of the coati Nachi, the monarch butterfly called Xochi and Pako, a hyperactive glass frog. The three join together on a journey to defend their land from the villain coral snake Zaina.

Directed by Rodrigo Pérez-Castro (who previously worked in the art department of ANDthe book of life or River 2), the animation has for its dubbing in Spanish the participation of the Oscar nominated, Adriana Barraza, and the singers De La Ghetto, Eva Luna Montaner and Sebastián Villalobos. In addition to having the music and production by Marc Anthony.

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“We were lucky that another very important Latino like Marc fell in love with the movie and made such a great soundtrack that I feel like it will be one of the parts that dads will like the most, because his music it thrills and makes you want to dance ”.

For Sofía Vergara, a draft What Koati It is an opportunity to reaffirm the bond and strength of the Latino community in the United States. “It is super important because it is a project by Latinos for Latinos. Beginning with actors, singers, writers and the entire production group. It seems necessary to me that we all meet to carry out projects like this. I hope it goes well for him to have a better chance of doing more things like that ”.

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