So you can get 150 pesos as a gift by spending 500 pesos and take advantage of the Black Friday 2021 offers in Amazon Mexico

As it happened a couple of weeks ago in the offers of The Good End 2021, the promotion where when buying a digital card of Amazon Mexico to get additional gift balance is back.

This happens when you buy a digital gift card of at least 500 pesos, which gives you will give 150 pesos of balance to users with an Amazon Prime subscription, and those without this subscription they will receive 100 pesos. They just have to follow certain steps.

Amazon Mexico digital gift card

Amazon Mexico digital gift card

They first have to go to the site to buy a digital card. Here we can choose the balance we want and choose a design from among different categories. Will ask us add email of the person to whom we want to give this balance but they can put their own mail.

Once they have filled in the data, they add it to the cart, and in this part they will be able to see a message saying that your order is eligible for promotion, so it only remains to make the purchase of the card and that’s it.

Free gift balance in Amazon Mexico

A mail will arrive to the address that we put with a code to add this balance on the corresponding page, while the gift balance We will see it reflected in the account two days after making the purchase and we will also be notified by mail.

Some users even reported last time that they got both benefits, that is, It was a gift of 250 pesos in total, so there is a possibility that this will happen again. For more information, you can visit the terms and conditions of the promotion.

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