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(This article contains spoilers for the ending of the Netflix hit Red alert starring Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson.)

The open ending of the film Red alert clearly lays the groundwork for starting a movie franchise on Netflix, in the same way they have already done Tyler rake or Enola Holmes. In addition, not only a sequel is ventured, but several films, in the style of Ocean’s eleven, with a new lineup of thieves and new scenarios, although there is still no official confirmation from Netflix. The Thieves genre fits perfectly into the Netflix catalog (both seasons of Lupine are among the most-watched titles on the platform, and a season 3 is still on the air), adding to the raw action of Rake and the period mysteries framed in an adventure film like Holmes. The end of Red alertThe truth is, it has nothing to explain: the bishop is a tandem made up of John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) and Sarah Black (Gal Gadot) -not in vain there are always two bishops on a chessboard-, they have fooled Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) as a Chinese, he has managed to take a little revenge (in the sequel we will know the dimension of revenge) and it is clear to us that the three enjoy stealing. And it is clear that the three of them are crying out for either a patron or a nemesis to finance their thefts or to try to trip them up.

It is a hearty ending, in which there is no doubt if there is someone alive or dead. Well, the only question now is to know if the three thieves will ever go in search of the recording of Vin Diesel’s audition for Cats (that’s an easter egg … and not Cleopatra’s eggs in the movie). Ryan Reynolds’s character makes it all clear: “I spoke to my friend and gave her the number of that secure account in the Cayman Islands. [donde habían guardado los 300 millones de dólares], which turns out was not so safe. There is a new blow. Twice as hard, three times as much money and it’s a job for three thieves. What can go wrong? “Lupine has had competition. Another thing is that there is something like honor among thieves and that Booth is not up to something or That the three of them have been set up, that anything is possible in a sequel, especially since there is only one loose end in the film: Sotto Voce may have more reasons for revenge than Booth and may want to go after the three robbers.

ryan reynolds is nolan booth, dwayne johnson is john hartley and gal gadot is the bishop in netflix movie red alert


Red Alert 2: Plot

The film leaves the three thieves at the entrance of the Louvre, but the most logical thing is that the sequel does not tell us about that robbery. It is too obvious. What happens after that robbery is more interesting. Does it go well? Wrong? Are you setting a trap for them? The sequel can start right after the robbery and start unraveling the story behind it: is it all a trick by Sotto Voce to get revenge on the three? Is it Booth that he wanted to teach the two bishops a lesson? Isn’t Booth an undercover cop now to find The Bishop? It does not look like the opportunity to stop them has had a few (they all look like a #teamOcean). The movie takes a six-month jump in its final scene, it can make another jump perfectly again in the sequel.

Red Alert 2: Release Date

Netflix was quick to confirm the new movies from Enola Holmes and Tyler rake and everything indicates that Red Alert suffers the same fate. The logical thing would be to think of a two-year window of time from now to the premiere of the new film, pending the commitments of the three stars, two of them juggernauts cinema, although the new scenario created by the pandemic and the new formats and channels to distribute entertainment have diluted production times and, above all, schedules.

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