Premieres and recommendations for the week of November 17

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Another week, new films appear on the big screens in Barcelona. This week do not miss movies to die of laughter or to die of terror. Some of the films that you should not miss before they disappear from theaters are the following:

Releases of the week

  • The ghost of the sauna by Luis Navarrete

  • Antlers: Dark Creature by Scott Cooper

  • Years of drought by Robert Connolly

  • Spencer by Pablo Larraín

  • Wojtyla: The investigation by José María Zavala


The brilliant young engineer Thom johnson (Freddie Highmore) is recruited by a gang of thieves to gain access to the interior of the Bank of Spain, known to be impregnable. The objective is a small treasure that will be deposited in the bank for only ten days, and that is all that this little band has to organize a plan, prepare an assault and achieve glory.

In the third film of the anime series’My hero academia‘, a criminal organization called Humanize appears in the world with the intention of destroying all those who possess a gift. With the intention of saving the population from the bombs hidden by the criminal organization, Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki will be part of the mission in the distant country of Bone. Meanwhile, Deku is involved in an incident and happens to be chased by the police, accused of a mass murder.

Furthermore, Humanize has stated that The time limit for the bombs to explode is 2 hours!! Now the future of the world is in the hands of this small group of heroes.


  • Be careful what you wish for by Fernando Colomo

Miguel (Dani Rovira) and Laura (Cecilia Suárez) decide to spend Christmas, with their young children, in a cabin in the mountains. Grandpa Benign (José Sacristán), endowed with magical powers, cannot accompany them on this journey, but the children decide steal her wish-granting magic ball to those who own it. Inadvertently, using the magic ball, the children bring snowmen to life, wreaking havoc on what was to be a quiet family vacation.

Six couples, each one more disparate, they try to explore the darkest facets of their intimate life. Through different role-playing games until abstinence, through exhibitionism, all of them they will experience a new form of pleasure and love in a free and non-judgmental way. As the different couples explore the different sex games, each character will discover how far they are willing to go to fulfill their own wishes.


After a romantic evening in a secluded lake house with his husband Mark (Eoin Macken), Emma (Megan Fox) wakes up handcuffed to her late husband (who shoots himself as part of a revenge plan against Emma for her affair with Tom, his friend). Trapped and isolated in the middle of winter without warm clothes, without a phone to call for help and with nothing to get rid of Mark’s body, the protagonist must fight against some hit men to escape her husband’s twisted plan.


After finishing his collaboration in the Statue of Liberty, the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel (Romain Duris) is on top of the world. After his success, the French government pressures him to design something spectacular for the Universal Exhibition of Paris from 1889, but the artist is not interested. The moment one mysterious woman from his past (Emma Mackey) crosses his path, the fire of his forbidden passion is rekindled, and inspires him to change the image he had of Paris forever.

It is June 1816 and the frigate Alliance, of the French navy, embarks before the coasts of Senegal. They do not have enough boats for the evacuation of all the crew, so they decide to build a precarious boat, in which they force 147 men to get on, among whom there are soldiers, sailors, a passenger and a few officers. The established plan is for the boats to tow the raft to shore, but panic and confusion seize the convoy and cut the tow rope, abandoning the raft and its crew to their fate. Hunger, inclement sea, madness and fierce fighting will haunt the people on the raft for days and days.

  • Question of rights by James Ball

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